Electric bike deal: SWFT e-bikes from just $599 at Best Buy

Snag yourself a zippy e-bike for as little as $599 with this deal at Best Buy right now

Swft electric bike deal
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There's been a bit of a bike craze in the past two years, and that's included a great many e-bikes. The electric motors and battery power of e-bikes make it that much easier for new cyclists to get their feet wet in cycling by providing them with a bit of an assist, making hills simpler, powering through the wind, and bringing high speeds within reach. 

If you've got some cycling goals on your resolution list for the New Year, SWFT has some deals to help you out. Right now, the whole collection of SWFT e-bikes is on sale, with discounts from $200 to $500 off.

The SWFT Volt is a solid starting point at $599 after $400 off. Meanwhile, SWFT is offering $200 off on its Fleet and Zip e-bikes. The company also sells an electric moped that would normally run $1,999, but that product has the steepest discount of all, coming down to $1,499. There's no listed end date on these sales, but with bikes being as popular as they have been in the past year, you'll want to act quick. 

SWFT Volt: was $999, now $599 at Best Buy

SWFT Volt: was $999, now $599 at Best Buy

The SWFT Volt provides a classy, understated bike that stealthily packs batteries to power its electric motor into its downtube, giving you a zippy e-bike that no one needs to know has 350 watts of assistance under the hood.

We recently tested SWFT's Fleet e-bike. It provided a powerful motor and beefy battery to let us comfortably cruise around at nearly 20mph just by twisting the throttle, and we could get over 20 miles on a charge with minimal effort on our part. The Fleet is just $799 now. Those who really want to leave it up to the motor can also go for the SWFT Zip, which provides a compact e-bike frame set on two thick wheels for a soft ride even on bumpier terrain. 

If you want a more traditional bike ride that will let you fly under the e-bike radar while still getting some assist, you will probably want the SWFT Volt. It's got a more classic diamond frame, and it completely hides its 360Wh battery inside the down tube. You still get plenty of power out of it though, as you can cruise at 19.8mph and enjoy either pedal-assist or a fully electric ride using the throttle. It'd be hard to find an e-bike that's more of a steal than the SWFT Volt at $599.

This sale has already been running for a few days now, so if you're trying to get your hands on a steep e-bike discount, check them out quickly. You might also want to see these Ride1Up e-bike discounts running through the end of the year.

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