Electric bike deal: get up to $150 off Ride1Up e-bikes

Ride1Up is having a huge holiday discount on its e-bikes with large savings on some already delightfully priced models

Ride1up deal
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Electric bikes have become a hot commodity as commuters have sought to avoid public transport in recent years. These e-bikes are battery-powered cruisers that take some of the effort out of the ride, letting you go farther and faster with less work on your part. 

The extra electronics and battery on an e-bike do make them more expensive than their manual counterparts, but in the holiday spirit, Ride1Up is making a number of its e-bikes easier to afford, and it’s extending the deal for anyone who wants to buy two bikes.

Ride1Up’s holiday discounts include instant savings of $50 on the Roadster V2, Core-5, and 700 Series bikes. But, with a special coupon code, you can save even more. Coupon code R1Holidaysavings will get you $150 off these bikes while R1Holiday_bundle will let you save $300 when you buy a pair of them, letting you snag one for yourself and for a loved one to share your adventures. If you’re eyeing one of Ride1Up’s other e-bikes, the R1Holidaysavings code will also let you save $100 on all but the Prodigy and Gravel Edition of the Roadster.

Ride1Up Core 5: Was $1,195, now $1,045

Ride1Up Core 5: Was $1,195, now $1,045

The Ride1Up Core-5 is a great e-bike at an exceptional price. We tested it out and enjoyed the streamlined design and impressive power available. It’s smooth and comfortable to ride on, and it flies under the radar with a battery that blends into the downtube. With the discount, it comes down to $1,045, which is a steal for a Class 3 e-bike that can cruise up to 28mph.

Those looking for something more particular can find it in the Roadster V2 or the 700 Series. We’re in the process of testing the Roadster V2, and it is a truly gorgeous bike that you wouldn’t even know was an e-bike thanks to the battery being built into the downtube, but it can get you flying at over 20mph easily and even provide an assist up to 28mph. 

This sale brings the larger 58CM model down to an amazing $945. If the Roadster is for the minimalist, then the 700 Series is for the maximalist with its multi-speed drivetrain, 500W motor, 28mph max speed, throttle, dual-piston hydraulic brakes, hydraulic fork, and its lights, rack, and fenders. The 700 Series normally goes for $1,695, but this sale brings the XR model to $1,545.

This sale runs through December 31, ending at 11:59PM PST, but limited inventory could see the prices and availability change if you wait too long.

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