EE launches 'Kite', portable 4G and WiFi hub

The mobile router is perfect for business moguls and backpackers alike

EE's latest bit of kit is a mobile router that looks to keep your signal running strong on the move...

EE has released a own-brand pocket-sized 4G WiFi device called Kite that aims to provide users with superfast net speeds on the move.

The Kite, which looks deceptively like an iPhone crossed with an early 2000's MP3 player, is optimised to make use of EE's double-seed 4G network.

The mobile network giant says Kite is lightweight and easy to carry so it's perfect for business users, commuters, and travellers.

"Super lightweight and easy to carry, the Kite allows users to enjoy superfast speeds on the move," says EE, "whether using it to stay connected when travelling on business, or making the most of their downtime."

Kite's available from today on EE's 4G WiFi plans, and EE promises there's both pay monthly and pay-as-you-go options for the super-connected device.

The mobile router is free if you sign up for a 24-month stint, or you can snap one up for £69.99 on the PAYG option. It can also be added to EE's shared plans providing, according to EE, 'the perfect partner for Wi-Fi enabled tablets, or laptops.'

EE was the UK's first adopter of 4G networks, and the firm now says they cover 73% of the UK population, with plans to expand that to 98% by the end of the year.