DJI Spark Quadcopter Drone discounted down to a rather lovely £349 at Maplin

That's a whopping £110 saving over Amazon

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We like a good drone here at T3 Towers, so much so that we put together the most authoritative drone buying guide on the web, so we like to think we know a bit about what makes a good one and, crucially, whether or not one is value for money.

And talking of which, this deal that has just dropped for the DJI Spark drone is an absolute steal. That's because instead of retailing for a minimum of £459, like it currently is over at Amazon, at Maplin it is currently available for a whopping £110 less at just £349.


If you've not come across the DJI Spark before and would like more information, it currently sits at the top end of our best drones buying guide, with T3 stating that it is "incredibly portable and probably the smartest selfie drone in existence right now."

Indeed, the Spark is - despite its more compact size - well equipped with a camera capable of shooting 1080p video and 12-megapixel photos. Also, as it has a built-in two-axis mechanical stabiliser, videos produced are far smoother than those produced by many competitor drones.

Neatly, the Spark can also be operated in three ways: using hand gestures, a mobile device or, for much greater range (up to 1.2 miles), a dedicated hand controller.

Naturally with these deals, discounted stock is limited and the deal only runs until November 22, so we advise you move fast if you are currently in the market for a drone.