DJI Spark drone leaks as awesome mini Mavic Pro

Could this be the super smart pocket-friendly drone we’ve all been waiting for?

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DJI, the drone manufacturer, has had a pretty big leak - but with it has come a rather small device, the Spark. This appears to be a scaled down version of its famously portable Mavic Pro.

The leak, sprung from DJI forums, has swiftly been removed. This is always a good sign of a leak being true. As you can see from the picture it looks quite convincing. DJI did also recently trademark the name Spark.

The small drone looks very similar in design to the Mavic Pro which folds down for easy transport without damage to the propellers. Despite being the same shape it isn’t clear if the smaller Spark will also fold down. If it does that size shown should make it small enough to slip into a pocket.

The Spark comes with a gyroscopic camera built-in that should double as a long-range controller view as well as a moving camera for recording shots. Check out the leaked video of that shown off in this video.

When we can expect to see the DJI Spark get revealed, how the controller will work - if there is one - and how much it will cost are all still unclear. Expect more leaks and information to appear soon.

via TechCrunch