Disney's scariest-ever Marvel show gives MCU something that horror fans will love

Agatha All Along finally gets a trailer – and promises genuine scares

Agatha All Along
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Marvel has been talking a big game about Agatha All Along for quite some time now. The spinoff from Wandavision has been a long time coming – and finally got its first full trailer (which you can check out in full below).

It shows off what looks like a fun supernatural show that should keep the MCU ticking over, although Marvel's creatives are adamant that it will be a new direction for its streaming output – by being genuinely scary. 

Marvel Television’s Agatha All Along | Teaser Trailer | Disney+ - YouTube Marvel Television’s Agatha All Along | Teaser Trailer | Disney+ - YouTube
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The show follows, as its name suggests, Katherine Hahn's Agatha Harkness as she attempts to recover the power that was taken from her by Wanda and Vision working together at the end of their show – although it's worth remembering that Agatha is basically a baddie. 

So this should be some sort of anti-hero story, which is slightly belied by the cast of helpers she seems to be gathering in the trailer. Still, Marvel has gone out of its way to say that Agatha All Along will be at least somewhat scary – probably in a Goosebumps vein rather than an R-rated one. Although time will tell...

Brad Winderbaum, Marvel Studios head of streaming, television and animation, said on a recent podcast appearance: "Agatha is really fun, but it’s really scary. And it gets quite dramatic. She's an amazing anti-hero. It lures you in with the fun of Halloween, and before you know it, you’re crying." He went on: "It's a Marvel brand of scary. It's a Halloween show. There are deadly stakes in this series. It’s a fun ride, but it's a dangerous one."

Those Halloween mentions broadly fit, too – the show will debut with a two-episode premiere on 18 September this year, so it's pretty credible to theorise that its finale will come out just as Halloween arrives at the end of October. Quite what Marvel has up its sleeve for that is anyone's guess this far out, but the trailer showcases a nice range of ghouls and possessions that we'll be able to enjoy.

Horror shows have been something of an untapped resource for most of the big streamers – thanks to shows like Midnight Mass and The Fall of the House of Usher, Netflix seems to reign undisputed as the best streaming service for horror right now. Disney and Marvel won't come near disrupting that with a Marvel show, but Agatha All Along still looks like a fun crossover for fans of superheroes and being terrified. 

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