Disney Plus has a great free feature you're probably not using

Every Disney+ subscriber has access to this feature, but chances are you've probably never made use of it

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Regardless if you are a new subscriber to Disney Plus, or someone who has been with the service since its launch, you probably haven't yet made use of one of its coolest features.

That feature is GroupWatch, and it is available to use right now for every single Disney Plus subscriber, both in the US and UK, as well as many other regions.

I'm a big proponent of GroupWatch and have written about it before, but from my conversations with other Disney Plus subscribers, I've found that hardly any of them have ever used it.

And that's a big shame, as it is really cool. GroupWatch lets you get together with up to 7 friends who are also Disney Plus subscribers and group watch a movie, TV show or musical.

For example, want to get together with some distant chums for a Hamilton sing-a-long? Well, you can with GroupWatch. While if you want to have a Friday night action movie popcorn fest with friends virtually, maybe catching the sweet new Predator movie, Prey, you can do with GroupWatch.

Here's how it works.

How to use GroupWatch right now

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To start, simply click on any piece of content on Disney Plus and then select the GroupWatch button, which can be found alongside play and watchlist add. You can see this icon on the image above where the red arrow points.

Once you press this GroupWatch button you are then taken to a hub page where you can invite up to seven people to watch the piece of content with you, with each person viewing the content in sync and each being able to control its playback.

These invitations can be sent as you wish, with a unique code generated for your own WatchParty. So, for example, you could WhatsApp the code to your friends, or email them. The code is clickable, too, meaning all the friends have to do is click the code to start watching.

Disney Plus GroupWatch

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What you might not know, too, is that you can have up to 4 streams on a GroupWatch from the same Disney Plus account, although those profiles have to be adult ones and not a kid's profile.

The only real restriction on GroupWatch is that, unfortunately, you can't watch content across regions. So if you have a friend in the US but you're in the UK then you can't GroupWatch together.

For a group of friends or family in the same region, though, GroupWatch is a great Disney Plus feature you should try out.

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