Diablo 4 gaming chair looks worth going to hell and back for

This Secretlab Titan Diablo IV chair looks devilishly good

The Secretlab Titan, Diablo IV editions
(Image credit: Secret Lab)

If your time on the Diablo 4 Beta felt too short, how about some legendary gear to tide you over until the game’s 6th of June release date? The best gaming chair on the market just got even cooler. Fans played nearly 62 million hours of the Diablo 4 beta, so it’s only right they should get a reward for all that grinding. 

Available now, the Secretlab Titan Evo has received not one but two official Diablo 4 makeovers. The Inarius and Lilith editions certainly are striking. These thrones, available in limited quantities of stock, are fit for everyone’s favourite Angel and Demon pairing. Even the rear of these chairs has intricate patterning, with portraits of Inarius and Lillith themselves featuring prominently. They mirror each other perfectly but I’m particularly taken by the gold on the sides of the Inarius edition (signifying his wings), and as a well-behaved young man I’ve always been more Angel than Demon anyway of course.

The Diablo IV x Secret lab inarius chair

(Image credit: Secret Lab)

They don’t come cheap, but Secretlab knows what they’re doing with gaming chairs. Fighting world bosses on Torment can take a while, so it's best to keep comfy. Luckily the Titan Evo has a magnetic head pillow, swappable armrests and four-way lumbar support because even demons don’t deserve back pain.

No one should be subject to a torturous assembly process either, our review of the non-demonic version of the chair was full of praise for the assembly experience which we completed in less than half an hour. 

If you’re looking for the perfect co-op partner this June when the game launches, forget about Battle.net, you’ve already found it. 

Andy Sansom
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