Coronavirus self-checker: This CDC chatbot helps screen for symptoms

Coronavirus checker Clara tells you if you need you seek medical attention

CDC coronavirus self-checker
(Image credit: CDC coronavirus self-checker)

The CDC has launched a coronavirus self-checker to help people check if they might have the virus. This chatbot – Clara – is designed to offer a first stage indication as to whether or not you are likely to have contracted the virus. It's not a scientific diagnosis tool, but it will help you figure out whether or not your symptoms could indicate coronavirus, and whether you need to seek further medical care. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) coronavirus self-checker is aimed at people in the United States who either feel ill or are caring for someone who is ill. Launch chatbot by hitting the big blue-green box here

To keep yourself and others protected from coronavirus, stay inside as much as possible, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands regularly using the correct hand washing steps.

The project is a collaboration between the CDC Foundation and Microsoft’s Azure platform. The chatbot asks questions about any symptoms you might be having, or any situation where you might have come into contact with the virus. All of it is advice that's freely available online, but the chatbot puts it into an easy to follow format. If it determines you might be at risk, it advises you put yourself into isolation and call a medical provider within 24 hours. 

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