Cobra MX534SPH vs Honda HRG 416 PK: which petrol lawn mower is right for you?

We compare the Cobra MX534SPH and Honda HRG 416 PK petrol lawn mowers

Cobra MX534SPH vs Honda HRG 416 PK
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A petrol lawn mower isn't for everyone, but you likely know if it's for you. To make things a bit easier, we've spent hours finding the best petrol lawn mowers, suitable for quickly cutting large areas of lawn. 

Today, we're comparing the excellent Cobra MX534SPH and Honda HRG 416 PK to find the very best. These two fantastic petrol powered monsters will make quick work of any garden, don't cost the earth to run, and aren't too expensive either.

While the best cordless lawn mower might be a better bet for most, cutting huge amounts of grass, especially grass that flows over hills, will push those machines to the limit and that's where the petrol powered variety comes in. We have to confess that these things are fun, an excellent and noisy way of doing chores.

Unlike a battery-powered mower, the only constraint is how much petrol you have on hand to refill the relatively tiny engines. The increased amount of power is really handy for, say, damp grass, which could well beat a cordless mower. 

Let's jump in and compare the Cobra MX534SPH and Honda HRG 416 PK.

Cobra MX534SPH

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Cobra MX534SPH vs Honda HRG 416 PK: features

Being petrol lawn mowers, both the Cobra and Honda models have, well, petrol engines, rated at 167cc and 160cc respectively, so fairly similar in size and power. The Cobra weighs in at 38kg while the Honda weighs 29kg, making them relatively easy to move around. 

We had no issues getting either of these machines started and the 4-stroke Honda engine found in both is very reliable and surprisingly quiet. Simply pull the starting cord and you're away, ready to mow and mow and mow. 

The Cobra comes with a four-speed self-propulsion system that varies from slow (2.5kph) to medium (3.9kph), depending on your natural walking speed and preference. Rest assured, it won't run away with you. Unfortunately, the Honda has one set speed and that's it. 

When it comes to the actual mowing, the Cobra has a 52cm cutting width and adjustable 25-75mm height while the Honda has a cutting width of 41cm and an adjustable 20-74mm height, so pretty much identical besides the overall width. The Cobra comes with a general 65L cutting box, compared to 50L on the Honda. 

Of the two, the Cobra is the more well-featured, with variable speeds, a wider cutting width, bigger collection box, and more powerful engine. 


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Cobra MX534SPH vs Honda HRG 416 PK: design and use

One area where the Cobra does excel is the range of options for cut types. You have your standard, which sends the grass into the collection box, but then there is an option for downwards mulching (where cut grass is forced back onto the ground) and sideways mulching (where cut grass sprays from either side, like a TV advert). 

When in use, we found that the Cobra's 167cc engine is pretty loud but this slight downside is offset by the fact that it packs a huge punch, making light work of all of the different terrains we tried in testing. In contrast, the Honda was pretty quiet.

As we mentioned, both of these mowers have pretty similar levels of adjustability when it comes to cutting height, from around 25mm to 75mm, and this gives anyone looking to do a really professional mow a lot to work with. We appreciated the flexibility offered by on both the Cobra and Honda mowers.

Overall, if you don't mind about the noise, the Cobra is the better mower, offering four different speeds, generous height adjustments, three different ways to discharge grass, and self-propulsion, making inclines that much easier. 

Cobra MX534SPH

(Image credit: Cobra)

Cobra MX534SPH vs Honda HRG 416 PK: verdict

In many ways, these two petrol lawn mowers are more similar than they are different: both use a 160cc Honda engine, both have similar levels of height adjustability when mowing, and both will do a good job on your garden. 

But, on balance, we have to recommend the Cobra lawn mower just because it's slightly more fully-featured, with the four driving speeds, self-propulsion, and three options for discharging grass, including two that cater more towards the connoisseurs of the mowing world. 

While the noise might be an issue if your neighbours live especially close, we're willing to bet that most people in the market for a petrol lawn mower don't live particularly close to anyone else and, therefore, this isn't the biggest issue. 

For that reason, we recommend the Cobra MX534SPH as the best petrol lawn mower going. 

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