CMF Buds and Neckband Pro offer great audio specs for super low prices

CMF by Nothing focuses on ANC with its sub-£40 / $40 earbuds

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Nothing's budget brand CMF launched a couple of new earbuds options alongside the Nothing Phone (2a) this week.

Both the Neckband Pro and Buds cost just £39 / $39 apiece, yet feature technology you'd normally find in more expensive alternatives.

CMF by Nothing continues its mission to bring interesting devices to market at prices that undercut even the already affordable levels set by the main Nothing brand.

The parent company only recently launched the Nothing Phone (2a), while its offshoot has followed up with two new wireless earbud options – the CMF Neckband Pro and CMF Buds, simply named and simple to understand.

Both come with a bright orange variant with grey accents, looking extremely distinctive and potentially becoming pretty recognisable once they're out. There are also black and white alternatives if that's a little bright for you, though.

The first, Buds, has a powerful-sounding ANC system, and packs in 12.4 mm Bio-fibre drivers that will apparently sound great with EQ controls available, too. They'll offer an impressive 8 hours of listening time on a single charge, too, which is very solid.

CMF by Nothing Buds lifestyle shot

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There will be a further 27 or so hours in the charging case, for a total listening time of over 35 hours before a recharge is needed. Fast charging when they're clipped back into the case brings 6.5 hours of listening from just a 10-minute charge. 

Neckband Pro, meanwhile, is an interesting twist on the neckband model, with hybrid active noise cancelling on-board, something that isn't all that common on neckband earbuds at all. 

One of the neckband's little pill-shaped parts houses a so-called Smart Dial, which offers controls over volume and playback as well as noise cancelling, and it looks pretty sweet as well as functional (which slightly sums up Nothing's approach to design). 

These earbuds rock 13.6 mm composite diaphragm drivers, and thanks to the neckband design their battery life is exemplary. You'll get 37 hours of non-stop listening, impressively, and a 10-minute charge will gain you 18 hours, which is great. 

The prices being attached to these two are wildly low, too - which will call into question their audio and ANC quality, in fairness. Both have the exact same international pricing, at £39, $39 or €39, although they'll only be on sale in India at first. 

Buds will launch on 8 March, and Neckband Pro on 11 March, but Nothing says that there will be international availability further down the line, so this is one to keep an eye on.  

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