Check out Qwerkywriter: the retro mechanical keyboard

Annoy your co-workers with incessant clicking, just like in the 70's!

Channel chain-smoking hacks of yore with Qwerkywriter, the most hipster word-processing peripheral on the planet.

Qwerkywriter is a mechanical keyboard that pays homage to the classical typewriters of yesteryear, giving the retro tech some spruced up innards to earn a place on your desk.

The faux-typewriter, developed by Californian firm Qwerkytoys Inc., is an 84-key USB-port toting, Bluetooth enabled keyboard that should work in much the same way as any other mechanical keyboard - just with that added vintage feel.

Qwerkytoys look to simulate the 'tactile clicky feel' that was part and parcel of typewriting before the advent of modern day keyboards, and sports round chrome-accented keycaps on a vintage frame.

The Qwerkywriter comes with a default US key layout, with an option to include the Mac OS CMD key too. The return bar, which would switch to the first column of the line below, is purely cosmetic for now, but Qwerkytoys says adding functionality might be a stretch possibility.

The retro keyboard also comes equipped with a stand at the back, designed to hold a tablet up to 5/8-in thick.

The project launched on Kickstarter on 3rd June with a $90,000 target, and has since received backing up to nearly $130,000. The project has now ended but you can still pre-order a Qwerkywriter via the website.

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