Cheap soundbar deal! Get a highly-rated soundbar for just £169 at Amazon

The Polk React was an excellent budget soundbar even before 30% was knocked off its price – now it's a fantastic deal at Amazon

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Looking for an easy soundbar upgrade for your TV for a bargain price? This deal on the Polk Audio React soundbar is exactly what you need: it's suitable for TVs of 43 inches and up, it delivers powerful and clear sound, and it's now just £169 at Amazon, down from £249.

See the Polk Audio React soundbar for £169 (save 32%) at Amazon

In our four-star Polk Audio React review, we said "The Polk React does a great job of replacing weak TV audio with brawny soundbar sound." This single-box soundbar (no separate subwoofer) comes from a company that specialises in bang-for-your-buck sound, and this soundbar is tuned perfectly for that.

We said: "The React’s soundstage is reassuringly wide and dynamic. Its punchy delivery makes it particularly entertaining with action movies – there’s a lot of steerage left and right, great for everything from fast moving chases on tarmac to swooshing in deep space. Meanwhile, a well-rounded mid-range rewards with talky dramas and reality shows."

It's not just an impressive TV upgrade, though: it's also got Amazon Alexa built-in, so you can use it as a smart speaker, if you want.

Polk Audio React soundbar | Was £249 | Now £169 at Amazon

Polk Audio React soundbar | Was £249 | Now £169 at Amazon
Save 32% on this stereo soundbar, which delivers bigger sound than today's slimline TVs can handle on their own. It includes Voice Adjust technology, for picking out speech more clearly when needed, and has a loudness-limiting Night mode. It connects over HDMI to your TV, meaning you control it with your TV's remote. It also has Amazon Alexa built in, so you can use your voice to command your smart home, play music and more.

The Polk Audio React comes with a tidy remote, but its support for HDMI ARC means it should just talk to your TV remote, so if you use the volume control there, it'll respond.

And if you want to scale up the sound in the future, Polk Audio sells a subwoofer and wireless rear speakers you can add, turning it into more of a traditional surround sound system.

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