Cheap LG soundbar: save £500 at Currys on T3 Platinum award winner

The LG SN11RG is fantastic and this is your chance to get one at a massive discount

LG SN11 with Dolby Atmos
(Image credit: LG)

We absolutely loved the LG SN11RG when we reviewed it. This nifty soundbar brings the amazing experience of Dolby Atmos to your living room without the need for an enormous number of speakers and what's better still, the speakers it does include operate wirelessly. 

There's good connectivity too, with a pair of HDMI inputs and one output. If you have things already plugged into your TV, or you want to use its smart features to enjoy Netflix or Disney+ there's no problem, eARC allows the soundbar to take anything your TV is showing and decode it - including lossless audio formats. 

As well as the The £500 discount on the LG SN11 Currys has more products with big discounts, including some pretty sweet TV deals too - well worth a look if your home cinema needs an upgrade. 


Buy LG SN11 | Save £500 | Now £999 at Currys

Offering a real Dolby Atmos experience the LG SN11 won our Platinum Award for the way it manages to create a convincing Dolby Atmos experience with plenty of power to fill any living room. Wireless speakers mean it's an elegant and simple way to blow your socks clean off with amazing movie sound. 

The LG SN11 also supports formats like HDR10 and Dolby Vision, though like LG's TVs there's no support here for HDR10+, which is only really a fairly small issue. Amazon Prime uses some HDR 10+ but you'll find a load of Dolby Vision content on Disney+ and Netflix. 

It also appears that the Currys deal includes five months of free access to Apple Music, Apple News+ and Apple Arcade. Sadly there's no Apple TV+ included, which would make a lot more sense on this product. Still, you can enjoy the music on your new LG soundbar at least! 

You can read our full review of the LG SN11 to get all the details on this fantastic soundbar. 

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