Wearable smartphone dock lands on Indiegogo

CellTack turns your mobile magnetic

Magnets are brilliant. Smartphones are brilliant too. CellTack has cottoned onto this and joined the two in holy gadget matrimony, giving you the chance to stick your cellular to pretty much anything you like.

CellTack, the very first wearable smartphone docking system, is on the hunt for funding to bring the sticky tech to market.

Simply put, it's flogging magnetic cleats that glue onto the back of your device with a strong adhesive.

Once you've got the basic cleat, you're then able to invest in all manner of magnetic goodies and start sticking.

CellTack's ring will see your iPhone 5S inseparable from your fingers, whilst their bike mount will have you cruising the streets knowing the power of magnets will keep your device in check.

You can also drop some cash on a few of their adhesive docks. Start by sticking these on mirrors, walls, or the dashboard of your car, and soon there won't be a surface in sight free from the power of the poles.

As always with crowdfunded projects, there's a bunch of investment options you can check out.

These range from a more frugal £6 offering for the basic cleat and dock, all the way up to a £1,200 investment that puts over 200 magnetic accessories at your mercy.

There's 18 days left to reach funding, so plenty of opportunity to help CellTack hit their £24,000 target. You can find the project over at Indiegogo.

By Sean Keach