Build bigger arms with just one resistance band and these five exercises

A resistance band is not only more affordable, but they're effective for building muscle too

Man doing resistance band workout
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When looking to pack on some size to our arms, many automatically think that you either need a pair of dumbbells or gym machines, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In just 20 minutes you can be on your way to building more defined biceps and triceps and all you need is a long pull-up resistance band.

Not only are resistance bands a lot more affordable than free weights, but they’re incredibly versatile too. You can do an entire full-body workout with one, making it one of the best pieces of home gym equipment to have. Even better, research has shown that they can provide similar strength gains to using dumbbells and weight machines.  

woman doing resistance band exercises

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This workout from strength and conditioning store, Mirafit, consists of five different exercises using a long pull-up resistance band (this is the big looped band, not the smaller ones). Their advice is to focus on controlled contractions (so no rushing your reps) so that your muscles are under constant tension. Take a 60 second rest between each exercise. Here's your workout:

If you resistance band is too light, to increase the resistance, try shortening your band by standing on more of it. Alternatively, you can double loop it. Want more resistance band workouts? Try this 8-move full-body workout, it'll only take you 20 minutes tops, or if it's your shoulders and back you want to target, here's another speedy 8-move upper body workout

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