Bike Hawk ensures you never lose track of your bike

Startup GPS tracker offers effective cycling security, and even tracks your performance

Bike Hawk is the latest in cycle security tech, combining GPS tracking with mobile computing to ensure you never lose track of your bike.

Ever had your bike stolen? Then you obviously know the frustration that ensues, especially as you have no clue where your bike has ended up. Bike Hawk aims to address just that.

The innovative startup has built a unique GPS tracker that also doubles as a mini computer, constantly feeding new information to you about the whereabouts of your bike.

Bike Hawk crams its tech into three parts of the bike that a thief sure as hell wouldn't suspect: the rear light, seat post and top cap. Best of all, none of the parts can be removed without the brand specific tool.

For just £2 a month, you can sign up to Bike Hawk's security service. Whenever you bike is moved, you'll be alerted to its location by email or text. You can also track its location via the app or in-browser.

Handily for parents, you can also set up geofence areas. This means you can identify specific boundaries in the area, so you're notified when the bike enters or leaves those places.

It's not just for security purposes, but also performance. Bike Hawk tracks speed, route, distance elevation and time. Using apps like Strava and Endomondo, you can review your route and share it with others.

Bike Hawk is currently on Indiegogo, having raised over $12,000 of its $35,000 target as of writing, with 23 days left. Pledge now and get your own tracker when they become available in July.

Nathan George

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