Best Cyber Monday deals 2023: final discounts on the tech you love

All the best deals in the Cyber Monday sales 2023, including popular deals from Amazon, John Lewis, Argos and more

When the best Black Friday deals come to an end, Cyber Monday arrives hot on its heels, bringing an extra day of bargains which traditionally ends at midnight on Monday.

At T3, we've covered the Cyber Monday sales for over half a decade, so we're pretty confident that we can find the best deals from the sales event and we can also identify which sales aren't worth it, too!

Many of the big retailers won't officially start calling their sales 'Cyber Monday' until the day itself – unlike Black Friday, which seemed to start in October this year! That doesn't mean there aren't deals available early though. Many of the Black Friday deals will continue all the way through the weekend, with prices fluctuating as they go.  

In this guide, we'll be taking you through what you can expect in the Cyber Monday deals in 2023 and rounding up the best deals so far. Keep checking back as we'll be updating this page as new deals drop.

Best Cyber Monday sales 2023: quick links

Early Cyber Monday deals

Most Cyber Monday sales won't officially start until tomorrow but there are lots of Black Friday deals that have carried on over the weekend. Here are some of the best. 

Apple Watch Ultra: was £699, now £599 at Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra: was £699, now £599 at Amazon
When it was released, the Ultra was Apple's most rugged wearable. Today, it is still one of the brightest, most hardcore smartwatches on the market, bested only by its successor, the Ultra 2. And now, it is at its cheapest ever price at Amazon – until stocks last!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: was £1,157.52, now £744 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: was £1,157.52, now £744 at Amazon
Save over £400 on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 right now at Amazon. This is one of the best flip phones on the market right now, offering a top spec sheet and a stylish look – now for not a lot of cash!

DJI Mini 2 SE drone: now £259 at Amazon

DJI Mini 2 SE drone: now £259 at Amazon (was £309)
Save £50 – The DJI Mini 2 SE is a lightweight drone with 2.7k video and a 31-minute flight time. It's the perfect starter drone for those getting into flying.

Check prices: Currys £259 | Argos £269

LG G3 OLED 55-inch: was £2,399now £1,499 at Amazon

LG G3 OLED 55-inch: was £2,399, now £1,499 at Amazon

The best wall-mount OLED TV of 2023 has a nice chunk of money cut from its asking price. There's no stand in the box, so this is wall-mount only. But once it's up there it's the brightest and sweetest looking OLED you'll ever lay eyes on. 

Samsung The Frame 55-inch: was £1,499, now £929 at Amazon

Samsung The Frame 55-inch: was £1,499, now £929 at Amazon
Save over £500 on a brilliant 55-inch TV at Amazon. The Frame allows users to blend their TV seamlessly into their living space, acting as a piece of artwork when not in use.

Check prices: Samsung £999

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit: was £134.99, now £98.99 at Amazon (save £36)

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit: was £134.99, now £98.99 at Amazon (save £36)
Everything you need is included in this starter kit. Simply connect your Bridge to your router, screw in your new Philips Hue lights and take advantage of smart home lighting via the 'Philips Hue' app.

MacBook Air 13-inch M1: now £799 at Amazon

MacBook Air 13-inch M1: now £799 at Amazon (was £999)
Save 20% – This 2020 MacBook Air might be a few years old but it's still a great machine, thanks to the M1 silicone chip.

Check prices: Currys £849 | John Lewis £849 | Ao £830

Sony PS5 COD MWIII bundle:was £499now £399 at Argos

Sony PS5 COD MWIII bundle: was £499, now £399 at Argos

The PS5 is a generation-defining console that has changed the game. T3's Tech Staff Writer loves its unique features, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This bundle also comes with the brand new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3  a fresh spin on the iconic first-person shooter, featuring some of the most recognisable maps in gaming history. This deal is cheaper than the console usually is alone too!

Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Kart 8 bundle + Switch Online: was £366.97, now £299.99 at Argos

Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Kart 8 bundle + Switch Online: was £366.97, now £299.99 at Argos
This Nintendo Switch bundle includes the Switch OLED model, a downloadable copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and 3-months' membership to Nintendo Switch Online, which is a saving of £66.98 if bought individually.

Best Cyber Monday sales 2023: top shopping destinations

Cyber Monday 2023 is looking to be bigger in scope and scale than last year. The deals on offer are spread out not just over the day itself, but have been running in the weeks leading up to it, and of course, over the Black Friday weekend. Below, you'll find the best retailers for Cyber Monday discounts and sales for 2023.

Amazon Cyber Monday Sale

Amazon Cyber Monday Sale
Amazon is one a few retailers that goes all out it in terms of its Cyber Monday deals. Products with the biggest discounts include things like TVs, computers, tablets, Amazon devices and vacuum cleaners. Cyber Monday Sale Cyber Monday Sale
When it comes to white goods or electrical appliances, the Cyber Monday sale is a great place to look. Its range of products extends to many premium brands that receive generous discounts.

Argos Cyber Monday Sale

Argos Cyber Monday Sale
The Argos Cyber Monday sale has great prices on appliances, toys, jewellery and gardening products. Last year, Argos racked up over 300,000 transactions on Cyber Monday which we expect to see again this year.

Box Cyber Monday sale

Box Cyber Monday sale
For all things gaming, computing and other tech, Box is the place to go. With regular weekly deals on a range of tech products, their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is bound to be full of discounted technology, including phones and TVs.

Currys Cyber Monday Sale

Currys Cyber Monday Sale
When it comes round to appliances and gadget discounts, Argos always has a strong showing come Cyber Monday. It's also great for toy, jewellery and small appliance discounts. Last year Argos racked up over 300,000 transactions on Cyber Monday last year, which is something that is likely to be beaten this time out.

Dell Cyber Monday Sale

Dell Cyber Monday Sale
If you want a new, quality laptop this Cyber Monday, Dell  should be the first place to check out. Dell's monitors, laptops and desktops are expected to get huge price cuts, plus other accessories like web cams, keyboards and mice.

eBay Cyber Monday Sale

eBay Cyber Monday Sale
For even cheaper offers this Cyber Monday, eBay has tons of tech deals, covering TVs, tablets and smart watches. On eBay, you can shop for new, pre-owned and refurbished products, so you can save even more money this year.

HP Cyber Monday sale

HP Cyber Monday sale
HP have great offers on laptops, desktops, monitors and other computing accessories over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Right now, you can get 20% off laptops and desktops, up to 30% off printers, up to 25% off monitors and up to 40% off accessories.

John Lewis Cyber Monday Sale

John Lewis Cyber Monday Sale
The John Lewis Cyber Monday sale is set to have huge deals site and storewide. Every product comes with a John Lewis guarantee, meaning that you can bag deals without worrying about aftercare.

Lenovo Cyber Monday sale

Lenovo Cyber Monday sale
In the Lenovo Cyber Monday sale, you can find discounted prices on laptops, desktops, monitors, tablets and other computing accessories. Keep an eye out for 2-in-1 devices this year...

Very Cyber Monday Sale

Very Cyber Monday Sale
Very is a great destination for cheap fashion and beauty deals on Cyber Monday. Very also has an impressive selection of electronics and gadgets deals, too, including video games, consoles and toys.

For a full rundown of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the UK ordered by retailer, check out our Black Friday sales A-Z.

What will the best Cyber Monday deals be in 2023?

As Cyber Monday is directly after the Black Friday sales, we imagine a lot of the Black Friday price drops will still be available on Cyber Monday. Of course, we can't know for sure yet what is going to be discounted this Cyber Monday, but below are our best predictions.

As Cyber Monday is more tech-focused than Black Friday and have been for years, we anticipate many consumer tech deals, including TVs, laptops, tablets, speakers, headphones and monitors. Other than that, large appliances will probably have special Cyber Monday deals, so keep an eye out for low prices on washing machines, fridge freezers, dishwashers, ovens, hobs, microwaves, coffee machines, kettles and toasters.

Going off of what did well last year, gamers will definitely be involved in the Cyber Monday sale. Last year, we saw some amazing PS5 gaming deals from a variety of retailers. This year, we expect some great deals on the consoles themselves in both the UK and US.

Finally, we'd also expect to see streaming service deals. Last year, NOW TV had 40% off in the Cyber Monday sale so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for something similar in 2023.

Cyber Monday shopping tips & tricks

To score the very best Cyber Monday deals this year, you need to be prepared, which is where T3 come in. Below, we've listed our tips and tricks that can help you score the best deals from thousands of retailers, this Cyber Monday.

1. Create a wish list

When it comes to buying anything, especially during a big sales event like Cyber Monday, it's important to have a wish list. By creating a list of products that you want, this helps you focus on what you need so you're not unnecessarily spending your money on random things. We all get excited when we see that something is 90% off... but do you need it? If the answer is no and most importantly, if it's not on your wish list, leave it! No one wants buyers remorse, after all.

2. Do the research

When you put together your wish list, it's also a good idea to do some research on the product that you want and the retailer you intend to buy it from. By doing your research in advance, you can identify a selection of well reviewed models and then look out for discounts on them, rather than dropping money blindly on a discounted item that could offer sub-standard performance. It's also worth looking into the retailer you're shopping at. It's all well and good getting a new TV at a super cheap price but if it's not being delivered until January... is it worth it? Check delivery times, cashback guarantees and reviews to make sure you're buying from a trustworthy place.

3. Shop a year behind

It's a well-known fact that the Cyber Monday sales are a way for retailers to shift out the last of the current year's stock in preparation for the new year's models. Many of the best deals are on top products that are a year or more old, and while you might think you're getting an 'old' or 'tried' model, they're actually at the top of their prime.

4. Focus on the price rather than the savings

Retailers often try to shock or fool shoppers by advertising how much you'll save rather than its price. This is almost always because the saving has been artificially created. For example, retailers might reach the saving figure by benchmarking it against the products original RRP. It will almost certainly not have been at this price for months or even years, so the saving is actually fake.

Another way retailers try to pull the wool over deal-hunters' eyes is by jacking up a products price in the months leading up to Cyber Monday, so when the product 'drops' in price, you think you're saving more than you are. Just like tip 2, make sure to research a product's price at as many retailers as possible, and you can use price history sites like

5. Remember the winter holiday season sales

Finally, remember that you don't have to buy something on Cyber Monday, especially if you're a little strapped for cash. The cost of living crisis has been terrible this year so we wouldn't blame you for waiting until the last minute to buy your Christmas presents. If this is the case, remember that there's plenty of time to buy gifts in December, plus many retailers and brands will run their winter holiday season sales almost as soon as we enter the festive month.

The history behind Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was coined in 2005 and used in the ecommerce community during that year's holiday season. Research had shown that one of the biggest online shopping days of the year was actually the Monday after Thanksgiving, with analysts putting this down to the fact that people returned to work where they had access to the internet.

It sounds funny now in 2023 that people would have to wait to shop online, but back in 2005, many people did not have access to fast home internet and online shopping was nowhere near as developed as it is now.

Since then, Cyber Monday has grown into a massive online sales event. This year, Black Friday 2023 is being tipped to be the biggest event ever, so there will be plenty of opportunities to bag top deals, and we're sure to see further price drops on Cyber Monday.

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