The best Black Friday OLED TV deals 2021, on LG, Sony and more!

Score a Black Friday OLED TV deal on some of the most popular 4K TVs of 2021 – all the lowest prices in one place

Black Friday OLED TV deals, Sony A90J with sign saying Best Price
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The best Black Friday OLED TV deals can help you buy a super-premium TV for a lot less than the full price, and we've got today's best prices on the hottest models right here. You can skip to a model directly using the quick links, or browse through our picks below.

It's no surprise that OLED TV deals are often the most sought-after offers among our guide to the best Black Friday deals – the best OLED TVs rank highly among our list of the best TVs of any kind, but they don't come cheap.

OLED TVs use self-emissive pixels to create their light, which means every pixel can control its exact colour and brightness output, which gives their images astounding realism – especially when combined with the latest and greatest AI image processing. But it's harder to make the panels, so you don't see many of them at lower prices.

But when it comes to Black Friday sales season, they tend to pop up a lot among the best TV deals, and you can save hundreds on them in some cases, bringing them down to the price more mid-range TVs… but with those gorgeous OLED colours and cinematic dark tones.

On this page, you'll find the current lowest prices for the most popular OLED TVs across their sizes, so you can pick the right match for your budget. That includes the best LG TVs, particularly the always popular LG C1, which strikes the perfect balance of quality and price, as well as the massively impressive Sony A90J, which is the cinephile's best friend.

LG Black Friday OLED TV deals

LG C1 deals

LG A1 deals

LG B1 deals

LG G1 deals

Sony Black Friday OLED TVs deals on Sony models

Sony A90J deals

Sony A80J deals

Vizio Black Friday OLED TV deals (US only)

Vizio OLED TV deals

Philips Black Friday OLED TV deals (UK only)

Philips OLED705 deals

Philips OLED806 deals

Panasonic Black Friday OLED TV deals

Panasonic JZ2000 deals

Panasonic JZ1500 deals

Panasonic JZ1000 deals

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