Atari's compilation of 100 classic PC games adds multiplayer mayhem

Retro gaming given a modern edge with improved interfaces, along with both local and online multiplayer

Fancy a literal blast from the past? Then you'll be pleased to learn that Atari is unleashing a bundle of a hundred games for the PC, including classic shooters such as Asteroids.

The game publisher will be showing off its Atari Vault compilation at PAX South 2016 this weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

Atari Vault encompasses a number of classics including the aforementioned Asteroids, Missile Command, Tempest, Warlords and Centipede, promising an improved UI and Steam Controller support.

Local and online multiplayer will also be incorporated, along with Steam Leaderboards that high score addicts can have a crack at topping.

Atari Vault will feature all the original music, and is being developed by Code Mystics, an outfit that has plenty of experience in bringing classic games to modern platforms. It's due out this spring, so not long to wait now.

Naturally enough, the retro compilation isn't the only thing that Atari will be showing off at PAX South, and some more contemporary stuff will naturally be on display. That includes Pridefest, an iOS title billed as a social game and based around managing your own LGBT pride parade, along with Rollercoaster Tycoon World for the PC.

The latter will boast hands-on sessions, which should be pretty useful to see how the game has progressed – it was supposed to see a release at the end of last year, but was postponed for further tweaking. It shouldn't be long before we see Rollercoaster Tycoon World hitting the shelves.

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