Apple supplier, Foxconn, releases its own-brand electric vehicles

The three Foxtron-branded EVs have slick designs and could be a taster of a bigger launch

Foxtron EVs
(Image credit: Foxconn)

The Taiwanese technology company Foxconn is responsible for the production of many of the biggest names in consumer electronics, from Microsoft’s Xbox to Apple’s iPhone. However, its name is not seen on products, until now – well, almost.

The company has revealed three prototype electric vehicles under the name Foxtron. The EVs include a sedan, an SUV and a bus and are based on its Hon Hai Open Platform, which has been developed with a series of automotive partners. The models feature styling from the Italian design house, Pininfarina and offer some impressive figures. The Model E sedan claims a 2.8 second 0-60mph and a range of up to 466.

Foxconn has been focusing on an electric vehicle as far back as 2016, when it worked with Tencent on an autonomous car project. This year it announced it would start making chips for electric cars and just this month agreed to purchase a former GM auto plant in Ohio. According to electrek, who originally posted the story, Foxconn is also building a factory in Wisconsin for electric vehicles.

Despite the Foxtron branding, the chances are that these vehicles will end up with a different badge on the front. The release of these prototypes is most likely more of a sales pitch to existing automakers that Foxconn is available to make credible EVs, as they do consumer electronics products.

With Apple’s electric car plans still under wraps, it’s possible that they could call on Foxconn for their manufacturing for its own EV, as it does its iPhone and iPad. While any company that uses Foxconn is likely to have its own take on the look of the car, the Hon Hai Platform could be making its way into more well-known auto brands in the future.

Mat Gallagher

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