Apple lines up potentially life-saving update for the Apple Watch 7

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Apple Watch Series 6 in blue aluminum
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Rumours that Apple has been planning to take the next step in health tracking, namely blood glucose monitoring, have been circulating for a while now but a recent leak from Apple itself has lent even more credence to those rumours.

A Brazilian Apple Watch wearer was sent a survey enquiring about health-tracking habits and asking which of the current watchOS features are the most useful. The survey also asked whether they use third-party apps to track workouts track and eating habits and, crucially, whether they use apps to monitor medications and blood sugar levels. 

This gives more weight to the fact that Apple is planning to launch the Apple Watch Series 7 with built-in non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. 

Of course, just because Apple is asking whether users would want these features, it's not proof that the tech giant is going to implement it any time soon. It does, however, prove that Apple is at least considering it. It's worth noting that, famously, Apple carried out a survey asking users about old iPhone chargers before the company made the decision to not include them in the box with new iPhones.

Blood glucose tracking has been a persistent Apple Watch rumour for years now, with CEO Tim Cook seen wearing what appeared to be a prototype device all the way back in 2017. 

It's proved to be a difficult challenge, though, and the importance of getting it right is critical.  After all, blood sugar levels are a crucial metric for diabetics, so an inaccurate sensor just wouldn’t cut the mustard and could be fatal. 

Adding yet even more fuel to other fire, last week it was revealed that Apple has been working closely with Rockley Photonics, a UK business that specialises in accurate sensors for various blood signals including glucose and alcohol levels. 

That all sounds very promising, but the big question is whether this implementation will make the Apple Watch 7, or whether it won't arrive until much later? 

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