Apple co-founder Wozniak sings Windows Phone's praises

Steve Wozniak describes Windows Phone platform as the most 'beautiful and intuitive'

Steve Wozniak has sung the praises of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform with the Apple co-founder describing it as 'beautiful and intuitive'

Apple co-founder and famed Android fan Steve Wozniak has declared his love for Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile operating system stating he finds the WP7 OS more beautiful and intuitive than its Google branded counterpart.

The man largely responsible for the tech wizardry that produced the Apple I and helped catapult Apple onto the road to global domination, Wozniak has suggested that both Android and Apple's iOS platforms feel “more awkward in comparison” to the Windows Phone OS, a system he says is like “a friend not a tool.”

"Just for looks and beauty I definitely… favoured the Windows 7 phone over Android," Wozniak told a New Domain. Comparing Android to Microsoft's new Windows Phone OS Woz added: "A lot of it is based upon kind of knowing where to go… you wind up with a kind of a complicated life… whereas the Windows Phone has little indications… so you can find out what you might want to do next."

Despite the Windows Phone platform's currently limited array of applications, Wozniak has said he believes apps running of WP7 look far superior to their Android and iOS counterparts. He said: "I'm shocked… I haven't seen anything yet that's more beautiful than other platforms. Every screen is much more beautiful than the same apps on Android or iPhone."

With Microsoft's Windows Phone platform beginning to rise to prominence thanks in large to Nokia's range of Lumia branded handsets, Wozniak added: "In my opinion, [Windows Phone] sets the mark for user interface. I would recommend it over my Android phones.”

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Via: CNet