Android Auto wallpaper update clears the way for greater in-app personalization

Android Auto fine-tunes user controls

Android Auto
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Despite recent news of it being folded into Google Maps, Android Auto has just announced that it's bringing an important new feature to the app, which adds more wallpapers. Users are currently limited to the platform's default wallpaper without an APK update, so this is good news for those looking for better customization controls when using the service.

Google will soon let users retrieve wallpapers directly from the company’s servers. Currently, Android Auto comes with support for the faded and classic wallpaper, which is bundled into the app by default. Through the changes, users will be able to select more colorful background images for the best Android Auto head unit setups in their cars.

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According to Auto Evolution, Android Auto 6.9 will add support for downloading wallpapers directly from Google’s servers without the need for an APK update. 

It provides users with significantly more granular controls over the wallpapers they choose for their Android Auto home screen, alongside enabling features like the automatic wallpaper change feature that can work based on different triggers, such as the time of day.

The new information is yet another recent improvement to the soon-to-be-closed app, which affords users better flexibility over how they set up the in-car app. A recent multitasking improvement has already boosted split-screen task management, as well as other customization tweaks that change what happens when you plug in your best Android phone to your head unit inside of your car.

Of course, these features still aren't readily available, but it paves the way for greater fine-tuning to produce an app that better meets customers' preferences for customizing the services they use.

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