And the best streaming Oscar goes to... Netflix!

Of all the best streaming services, Netflix is the one that grabbed the most gongs

All Quiet on the Western Front
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Academy Awards, aka the Oscars, aren't just for Hollywood movies. The best streaming services have picked up a fair few gongs in recent years too, and this year Netflix was the clear winner. At last night's event Netflix won six Oscars, more than any other streamer.

Its World War 2 drama All Quiet on the Western Front was the biggest winner, picking up four Oscars from nine nominations: it won best international feature, best cinematography, best original score and best production design. 

Its win wasn't a huge surprise: it also did brilliantly in the recent UK Baftas, where it picked up seven awards. It's an astonishingly beautiful film in terms of its cinematography and it currently has a very respectable 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix: more gongs than a 70s rock festival

The other Oscars went to Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio, which beat my own favourite (Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, which I blubbed my way through last weekend), and documentary The Elephant Whisperers, which focuses on an indigenous couple in South India who devote their lives to looking after a baby elephant. 

This year's awards are a big win for Netflix, but despite its best efforts it hasn't managed to grab the Best Picture gong it really wants; this year that award went to the brilliantly odd Everything Everywhere All At Once along with Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director. And Netflix didn't quite manage to beat its previous record from 2021, when it walked away with seven Oscars.

Naturally, all of Netflix's award-winners are available to stream right now, something that no doubt Netflix will be making very obvious on its home page for the next wee while.

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