Amazon takes 15% off the Apeman dual dash cam during Memorial Day

Grab one of the best dash cameras on sale at Amazon for just $33.99

apeman dash cam on sale
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The Memorial Day sales are just about over but there's still great deals to be found throughout the evening. Amazon as usual has some must-see offers going on, including 15% off the Apeman dual dash cam setup.

On sale for $33.99 (opens in new tab), shoppers can find one of the best dash cams on sale for one of its best prices in months. A solid albeit basic full-HD rear and front dash camera setup, the Apeman C370 offers an affordable solution without sacrificing must-have features.

While this is the lowest we've seen Apeman's C370 drop to price wise, there is a possibility we may see this go a bit lower come Amazon Prime Day. Still, 15% off is a solid savings and well worth the price for a setup of this quality.

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Apeman C370 1080p ...

Now: $33.99 | Was: $39.99 | Savings: $6 (15%) (opens in new tab)
With an ultra-discreet design and a fully featured 1080p camera, Apeman's C370 dual dash cam setup is solid for the price. Includes a 1.5 inch color display, a 170 degree wide viewing angle, parking monitor and more. As we said, a complete fully featured dash cam for under $35? Not a bad fin.

As a basic security camera for your car, Apeman's C370 is a solid choice for those who just want to keep themselves covered. While it doesn't record in 4K, the color 1080p recording is more than enough to protect you and yours in case of an accident or emergency.

The C370 covers both the front and rear of your vehicle, too. Both cameras feature 1080p color recording with the front featuring a 1.5 inch color display. Each camera covers a 170 degree viewing angle also, along with parking monitoring, motion detection, G-sensor, loop recording and more.

For the value, $6 off may not sound like a lot but it covers the cost of shipping and offers one of the best dash cams on sale at it's best price so far. If 4K isn't necessary at the moment, this is the dash camera you'll want to grab.

In terms of safety, it covers everything you'll want covered when a problem occurs. The downside is the lower recording resolution of the rear camera can make it difficult to identify plates, the camera has a really good low light mode which helps capture more detail.

All-in-all, definitely recommend this buy for anyone who just wants a basic dash cam for their car and doesn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for it.

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