Amazon Prime Air delivery drone already in eighth generation

Game of Drones closer than we think?

Amazon is already up to the seventh and eighth generation design of its flying delivery drone system, Amazon Prime Air.

According to Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, the era of home drone delivery could be closer than we originally thought.

In a letter to shareholders, the Amazon boss announced that the Amazon Prime Air team has already reached: "the design phase on generations seven and eight."

What's more, the online retail powerhouse is already flight testing fifth and sixth generation drones.

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The letter was published via the US Securities and Exchange Commission and, unfortunately, doesn't go into a whole lot of detail about the airborne future of our online purchases.

However, Bezos does mention the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval of the use of electronics during takeoff and landing.

"Our public policy team, with the help of many allies, worked patiently for four years on this, at one point loading a test plane with 150 active Kindles. Yes, it all worked fine!” writes Bezos.

We also get a quick taster of the success of Amazon's Prime Instant Video - no doubt sure to receive a boost from the recently released Amazon Fire TV streaming box.

"Prime Instant Video is experiencing tremendous growth across all metrics – including new customers, repeat usage, and total number of streams," he wrote.

So, it seems the takeaway from all this is that things are looking up for Amazon.

Via: GigaOm