Touchscreen MacBooks sound great but an iPad with MacOS could be more useful

Apple is reportedly developing a touchscreen for its Macs but for me the solution is much simpler

Apple MacBook Pro M2
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Apple has been late to the party in bringing touchscreen displays to its Mac range but that could be changing. The latest rumours from Bloomberg suggest that touchscreen models could be released in 2025. That's still a long way off but how will it impact the current MacBook and iPad ranges when it happens?

The current iPad range, particularly the latest iPad Pro 12.9 M2 model, are fantastic. They have more than enough power for even the most demanding videographer. However, the iPadOS isn't the most useable for work purposes. Meanwhile, there are times when I don't need the complexity of a MacBook Pro for simple word processing, editing and web use. 

The perfect solution for me would be an iPad Pro that runs MacOS, or at least one that could swap between a full MacOS and a simplified iPadOS, depending on your current needs.  

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An iPad Pro with a Mac OS would be my chosen set up

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That's not to say I wouldn't still like to have a touchscreen on my MacBook Pro. I'm always envious when I see PC users tap and swipe on their laptop screens – apart from when it leaves fingermarks. 

I suspect by 2025 we could see touchscreens appearing across the range, blurring the lines further between Mac and iPad. This will give users more choice to find a machine that suits their needs without sacrificing functionality. I just hope that the OS can adapt at both ends to make the process easier for those using the Mac for casual swiping and the iPad for work.  

Mat Gallagher

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