A tablet built into a jacket?! Lenovo breaks boundaries with the Tab Wear collection

Lenovo unveils clothing collection that merges tablets with outerwear

Multiple women outside wearing and using the Lenovo Tab Wear collection
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Consumer technology company Lenovo has expanded into a new area that no one expected… clothing. The Lenovo Tab Wear collection features three one-of-a-kind jackets created by fashion designers that blend stylish streetwear with technology by physically merging Lenovo tablets into the design.

Lenovo is best known for its range of laptops, PCs and tablets, with many of its products securing spots in our best laptops guide. T3 has also been lucky enough to try out its range of tablets, including the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, which was rated highly for its display, battery life and powerful speakers.

When I heard that Lenovo was coming out with a clothing collaboration, you can imagine my surprise as it’s completely different from what the brand has done before. But what I admire most about the Lenovo Tab Wear collection is that it keeps Lenovo devices at the forefront by integrating them practically into the jackets construction.

You might be wondering why you’d need a tablet built into a coat. The idea behind the collection is ‘me time’, a dedicated personal time for individuals to prioritise their wellbeing. Lenovo’s idea for the garments enable wearers to take time for themselves and escape from daily life by integrating a Lenovo tablet into the jackets. Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, the Lenovo Tab Wear collection expands ‘me time’ beyond the home so you can use your tablet wherever, whenever and however you want.

The Lenovo Tab Wear collection is made up of three coats that blend avant-garde streetwear with technical innovations. Each jacket is designed by a different fashion designer: RANRA, Kit Wan Studios and Maium. Each designer brought their own individual style to the jacket prototypes to take the best winter coats to the next level both technologically and stylishly.

London and Reykjavik-based designer, RANRA created a sustainably-designed neutral-toned anorak to work with the Lenovo Tab. It’s noise and light cancelling to offer more immersive ‘me time’ breaks with its packable tablet harness. The anorak also has an isolation hood to keep out external distractions and enhance your focus, and it’s made out of recycled textiles and end-of-life materials.

Multiple men wearing and using the Lenovo Tab Wear collection

(Image credit: Lenovo)

Kit Wan Studios is a Hong Kong menswear designer created a longer coat with a modular techno-armour exo-skeleton. It has a black, white and grey pattern reminiscent of the night’s sky and can be taken apart to transform from a long jacket into a short coat or into a vest for a versatile design. Kit Wan Studios also has a focus on sustainability and sources its materials for the Lenovo Tab Wear collection from small-batch collaborators in Hong Kong.

Finally, the Amsterdam-based designer, Maium has created a fun colourful poncho-esque design. In a bright pink colour, the coat can be worn as a jacket, unfolded to a blanket or used as an inflatable hammock! Ideal for outdoor use, the Maium design is weather-ready and made from recycled polyester and a bionic finish eco layer.

When speaking of the Lenovo Tab Wear collection, Emily Ketchen, VP and CMO of Intelligent Devices Group and International Markets at Lenovo said it “proves that fashion and technology can complement each other to create better everyday experiences. The innovative designs show that ‘me time’ can be mobile, portable, and personal. They are more than just custom modern garments with a Lenovo tablet, they are reimagined possibilities for today’s world.”

A tablet built into a jacket?! I think it’s weird, wacky and wonderful! Take a look at the experimental collection on the Lenovo Tab Wear website.

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