18 extensions to power through your web browsing

Better browsing is only a click away

Most of us spend a lot of screen time inside a web browser, so it makes sense to create a customised experience for yourself that's tailored to your online habits. Thankfully, there are thousands of third-party browser extensions available to help.

We've focused on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox here, as Microsoft's new Edge browser has yet to add support for extensions. From reducing web page clutter to tweaking your favourite sites, you should find something of interest here.

1. Pushbullet

The Pushbullet extensions bring your phone and your browser closer together. You can, for example, send text messages from your browser or quickly beam a website address from your mobile to your desktop. [Chrome/Firefox]

2. Google Cast

Google's Chromecast is a great gadget for getting your media content up on the big screen, and via this extension you can do the same with your browser tabs too, whether you're scrolling through Facebook or watching Netflix. [Chrome]

3. Buffer


Seen something on the web you like? Buffer makes it easy to share it with your Twitter and Facebook followers, and there are a bunch of scheduling options available as well if you want to spread out your updates. [Chrome/Firefox]

4. RescueTime

Where do all the hours go? RescueTime will tell you, monitoring all of the websites you visit and telling you how productive you're being each day (you can tag each site as work-related or leisure-related accordingly). [Chrome/Firefox]

5. YouTube High Definition

One of the best YouTube extensions out there right now, this tool can force HD mode on all videos, hide any annotations, automatically mute audio, allow you to change the size of the video player and plenty more besides. [Firefox]

6. Instapaper


If you want to save online articles to read later, Instapaper has you covered. It strips out advertising and other distractions, lets you organise clippings into folders, estimates reading times and has a wonderfully clean interface. [Chrome/Firefox]

7. Pocket

If Instapaper isn't for you then Pocket meets just about all of the same needs. It's a bit brighter and less straight-laced than Instapaper, and it also works across all of your browsers, devices and computers. [Chrome/Firefox]

8. LastPass

Remembering passwords for all the sites and services you use can be a real problem, one that LastPass solves with a professional and ultra-secure service. All you need to do is try not to forget your master password. [Chrome/Firefox]

9. Flix Plus

Flix Plus

An extension that supercharges the Netflix interface, adding online ratings, hiding spoiler alerts, fading out shows you've already seen, enabling you to jump to random episodes and more (there are 22 tweaks in total). [Chrome]

10. Chrome Remote Desktop

Quite simply, Chrome Remote Desktop lets you access one computer from another, over the web, free of charge - all you need is Chrome and this extension running on both computers, and you can get them both connected. [Chrome]

11. Tab Mix Plus

An extension that's so adept at giving you more control over your browser tabs (duplication, focus, tab recovery, session management and so on) that it's single-handedly responsible for a lot of users sticking with Firefox. [Firefox]

12. Readability


Cut out the clutter and focus on what's important on any web page you come across with Readability: the extension can do wonders with presenting online articles in a format that's easier on the eyes and the brain. [Chrome/Firefox]

13. Google Dictionary

Don't allow yourself to be flummoxed by any word you come across on the web: install the Google Dictionary extension and you can look up a word with a double-click. The pop-up includes a link to a full definition. [Chrome]

14. Disconnect

Disconnect promises to make the web "faster, more private and more secure" for you - it can help you stop unwanted tracking, strip out superfluous website code, keep your online searches private and more besides. [Chrome/Firefox]

15. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender

Tabbed browsing can make it easier to find your way around the web but it can also slow your browser down to a crawl. Enter The Great Suspender, which suspends unused tabs until you need them again. [Chrome]

16. Awesome Screenshot

A hugely popular browser extension that lets you grab pictures of websites, annotate pages with various tools and quickly share pages with other people. It's pretty much the best screenshot tool for your browser. [Chrome/Firefox]

17. Adblock Plus

Sure, Adblock Plus will cut out the worst ads from the pages you visit, but it also protects your privacy and keeps you safe while you browse, and there are plenty of ways to customise the extension too. [Chrome/Firefox]

18. The Camelizer

The Camelizer

CamelCamelCamel keeps an eye on the prices of items on Amazon, so you can jump in quickly when you see prices drop and grab yourself a bargain. The Camelizer is the official extension to accompany the site. [Chrome/Firefox]