13 new Apple TV+ shows you need to put on your watchlist

My god, it's full of stars! Apple TV+'s 2022 line-up brings big names and big budgets to your TV

Now and Then on Apple TV+
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Apple doesn't have the huge catalogue or name recognition for its TV service, Apple TV+, but it does have plenty of quality, and that looks set to continue in 2022.

In addition to some returning favourites Apple TV+'s 2022 line-up features lots of new shows featuring an absolutely stellar cast including Patricia Arquette, John Turturro and Christopher Walken – and that's just one show!

The service isn't just available on Apple TV hardware: you can stream to your iPhone, iPad or Mac and tons of smart TVs, too, making it increasingly a great service to subscribe to if you're a fan of quality content.

Here are 13 new shows, arriving over the next few months, that we're most excited to watch on Apple TV+.

1. Suspicion (streaming now)

Uma Thurman stars in this tense, fast-paced thriller about a high-flying businesswoman whose son is kidnapped. The really interesting bit about this is that the people who are accused of the kidnap appear to be just ordinary British people. Can they prove their innocence in time or are they telling the truth?

2. Severance (18 February)

Executive producer Ben Stiller says this workplace thriller owes a debt to The Office and Office Space but it's very much its own show: it follows a star-studded cast including Turturro, Arquette and Walken in a tale of work-life balance going terribly wrong.

3. Lincoln's Dilemma (18 February)

One for the history buffs, this four-part documentary explores the legacy of President Lincoln and the end of slavery.

4. Dear (season two, 4 March)

Emmy award winner RJ Cutler brings a second season of spectacular biopics, with some new icons including Andre Leon Talley, Viola Davis, Selena Gomez, Malala Yousafzai, Jane Fonda, Ava DuVernay, Billy Porter, Sandra Oh, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Laird Hamilton.

5. The last days of Ptolemy Grey (11 March)

Do you need to know any more than "starring Samuel L Jackson"? This is going to be a tear-jerker, we're sure: Jackson is the titular Grey, a man sinking into dementia who discovers that there's a treatment that can restore his memories, but only temporarily.

6. WeCrashed (18 March)

Based on the hit podcast of the same name, this highly anticipated series stars Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway in the tale of WeWork, the online workspace brand that was valued at $47 billion before crashing spectacularly. What happened?

7. Pachinko (25 March)

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Pachinko is an epic story of forbidden love, war and peace and a whole lot more. It's told in Korean, Japanese and English and journeys between Korea, Japan and America. Apple says it's "epic in scope and intimate in tone".

8. Slow Horses (1 April)

This new six-episode drama brings Mich Heroon's award-winning novels to the screen with a cast including Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jonathan Pryce and Olivia Cooke. It's about the MI5 B-team, the intelligence agents whose career-derailing mistakes have sent them to the security services' dumping ground.

9. Roar (15 April)

Based on the short stories by Cecilia Ahern and executive produced by Nicole Kidman, Roar is a genre-bending anthology of darkly comic feminist fables that takes a very unexpected approach to its subject matter.

10. They Call Me Magic (22 April)

This is a huge one for fans of Earvin "Magic" Johnson: a documentary with unprecedented access to his life both on and off the court, featuring interviews with Magic himself, his family and an all-star line-up.

11. Shining Girls (29 April)

We're particularly excited about this one: Elisabeth Moss, who is excellent in everything, pays the troubled newspaper archivist in this surreal and scary thriller based on the best-seller by Lauren Beukes.

12. Tehran (season two, 6 May)

The award-winning Glenn Close joins the cast of this award-winning global thriller, which tells the story of Mossad agent Tamar Rabinyan. Rabinyan goes deep undercover in a dangerous mission that places her and the people around her in incredible danger.

13. Now and Then (20 May)

This bilingual, multi-layered thriller is set in Miami and explores the differences between youthful dreams and the harsh reality of adulthood when a group of college best friends experiences a terrible tragedy. 20 years later, the remaining five are reunited by a threat that risks their apparently perfect lives. The exceptional ensemble cast includes Academy Award nominees Marina de Tavira and Rosie Perez, Ariel Award winner José María Yazpik, multi-Goya Award winner Maribel Verdú, Manolo Cardona, Goya Award winner Soledad Villamil, Emmy Award winner Željko Ivanek, Jorge López, Alicia Jaziz, Dario Yazbek Bernal, Alicia Sanz, Jack Duarte and Miranda de la Serna.

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