Top celebrity perfume brands reviewed: smell like your favourite celeb

These are the iconic celebrity fragrances that continue to have a special place in our hearts

Celebrity perfume: Britney Spears perfume launch
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There are plenty of things we wish to leave in the noughties: questionable fashion choices, weird TV shows that would definitely cause a stir today, and makeup trends we’d rather forget. That being said, there are a few things from the 2000s that we’re not quite sure why we abandoned – celebrity perfume brands are at the top of that list. 

There was a time when the latest Britney Spears or Paris Hilton fragrance was the only thing we wanted to unwrap on birthdays, Christmases or any other occasion that involved receiving a gift. In fact, we were desperate to get our hands on those vibrantly designed bottles (the more glitter, the better) with our favourite pop star or actress’s name plastered across it. 

While we may have outgrown some, there are a few iconic celebrity fragrances that continue to have a special place in our hearts. Their nostalgic scents teleport us to fond memories of the past whilst also being timeless enough to still spritz ourselves with every now and again. A prominent part of pop culture, the celebrity perfume is like a souvenir from a different life and we want to keep it alive. 

So here are our top five celebrity perfume brands to shop now… 

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Celebrity perfume: Fantasy by Britney Spears

(Image credit: Fantasy by Britney Spears)

1. Fantasy by Britney Spears 

'Fantasy’ is one of the most famous (if not the most famous) celebrity fragrances out there. It’s Britney Spears’ most successful perfume to date and supposedly also her own favourite to wear. The sweet vanilla scent is loud and instantly recognisable. The bottle alone, which is hot pink and covered in gems, immediately takes you back to 2007. Call it tacky but it’s exactly what we want from a celebrity fragrance: memorable, girly and simply delicious. 

Celebrity perfume: Fame by Lady Gaga

(Image credit: Fame by Lady Gaga)

2. Fame by Lady Gaga

Whether you liked it or not, 2008 was the year of Lady Gaga. Her debut album The Fame Monster had dropped, her songs were top of the charts and her army of fans, known as “little monsters” were dominating social media. Gaga was well and truly in her prime, and naturally, she did what any other star does when they’re on top - she launched a fragrance. But of course, it wasn’t just any old perfume. Lady Gaga made history by becoming the first to release a truly black Eau de Parfum. On top of that, she claimed at the time that each bottle contained a tiny bit of her blood. What a pop culture moment! 

Celebrity perfume: Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker

(Image credit: Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker)

3. Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker

Unlike most celebrity fragrances, Sarah Jessica Parker opted for a more chic and masculine approach for her unisex fragrance, Stash. The aromatic perfume combines woody and peppery notes as well as hints of sweet floral and refreshing grapefruit to create a sexy scent that compliments everybody. 

Celebrity perfume: Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton

(Image credit: Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton)

4. Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has released 20+ fragrances, none of which are understated. Most of the packaging either consists of a giant picture of the heiress and socialite or is covered in shimmery gems and bright, girly colours, just like Britney’s collection. However, while most of them are definitely on the cheesy side, Fairy Dust differs - once you look past the bottle, of course. It has a prominent gardenia and patchouli scent that is the perfect balance between sweet and sexy thanks to notes of cashmere, peach nectar, orange blossom and musk. 

Celebrity perfume: Heat by Beyonce

(Image credit: Heat by Beyonce)

5. Heat by Beyonce 

When Beyonce released Heat, we all thought a small spritz of the fragrance would bring us the confidence of Ms Sasha Fierce herself, and maybe it did. The perfume was released in February 2010, right in time for Valentine’s Day which perfectly suited its sensual scent (made of giant sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber)  and its accompanying tagline “catch the fever.” The bottle itself is sexy too, and unlike her peers, Bey stayed well away from any bling.

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