Steam allergens away with Hotpoint

Eliminate 99% of allergens and the most stubborn stains

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If you suffer from hay fever or other allergies, you’ll know that ensuring your washing machine can get rid of the things that can make your eyes water or your skin react is important, especially this time of year. That’s why Hotpoint developed Steam Hygiene which you'll find in machines including its A+++ rated NSWA943CWWUK. It uses the power of steam to eliminate allergens and remove bacteria, and it does that while delivering brilliant cleaning that’s kind to your clothes, keeps your bedding beautifully soft, and makes short work of even the toughest stains. 

The perfect spring clean partner

Hotpoint’s latest washing machines are the perfect spring clean partner. They’re so good at removing allergens that they’ve been given Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval, and their Anti-Stain programme removes the 20 most common stains with incredible results. Steam Hygiene keeps your clothes clean, and when you’re in a rush you can select the Rapid Option to wash clothes up to 50% faster without compromising on performance. And it does all of this with an A+++ energy rating.

The power of steam

Steam can do amazing things with your clothes. Hotpoint’s Steam Hygiene adds 20 minutes of steam to the end of your wash, and that steam penetrates deeply into the fabrics to drive out embedded dirt, remove bacteria and eliminate 99.9% of major allergens such as pollen. That makes Hotpoint washing machines perfect for towels and bedding, and ideal for anybody with sensitive skin: there’s no need for any chemical additives.

Steam delivers other big benefits too. You can use the Steam Refresh programme to freshen clothes in just twenty minutes, and adding steam to the end of standard cycles makes your clothes easier to iron.

Tough on stains, kind to your clothes

Dealing with tough stains doesn’t have to be tough on your clothes. Hotpoint’s innovative Active Care technology gets rid of even the most stubborn stains without harsh temperatures or pre-treatment, all at just 20°C. It does that via Active Mousse, which pre-mixes the water and the detergent together to create a powerful cleaning mousse that penetrates deep into the fabric. Stains that make lesser appliances tremble are no match for Active Mousse: it cackles at coffee, removes mud with no problem, and loves to get rid of lipstick.

Active Mousse is impressive on its own, but it’s even more powerful thanks to Active Drum. Hotpoint has carefully analysed the type of drum movements that work best for different kinds of fabrics and different kinds of stains, enabling you to remove even stubborn stains in a single cycle. There’s nowhere for stains to hide.

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The speed you need

If you’ve ever had to do a wash at the last minute, you’ll love the rapid options Hotpoint provides. From Steam Refresh to Rapid Options on regular wash programmes, there’s no need to wait hours when you need something in a hurry. Hotpoint enables you to wash clothes up to 50% faster. The Rapid 30 programme delivers great results in just half an hour, while the Full Load 45’ programme does a full wash of up to 9kg in just 45 minutes. It does that without compromising on the washing performance, so it’s a great way to say goodbye to Sunday evening panics.

A perfect combination

When you buy your Hotpoint washing machine from, you’re not just getting a brilliant appliance. You’re getting a great price, and great customer service too.

It starts with’s price match promise, which guarantees to give you the best possible price. Then there’s the extensive delivery options: your Hotpoint Washing Machine is available for next-day delivery available seven days a week*, and also offers a generous 100-day free returns policy and a great delivery service that enables you to pick the slot that suits you*, so you never need to waste a day waiting in for delivery. Just like the Hotpoint, does all the important stuff for you so all you need to do is sit back and relax.

To find out more about Hotpoint’s Steam Hygiene and’s superb customer service, check out the range on the website

* Charges, driver availability, conditions & geographical exclusions apply.

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