No Scrubs: the cooking tech that will totally revolutionise your kitchen

Impress guests and banish the Oven Pride with Hotpoint’s cutting edge ovens

Impress guests and banish the Oven Pride with Hotpoint’s cutting edge ovens. If you want top tech, you should look in the kitchen. Ever since humans discovered fire we’ve craved better ways to cook and to avoid cleaning up afterwards, and technology has brought us closer and closer to that lofty goal. So you can imagine our excitement when told us about cooking technology that not only means tastier meals but that also makes the mess disappear. Say hello to smart cooking.

Smart home, meets smart cooking

If like us you have to cook for a family or to entertain friends, you’ll know the two biggest downsides of cooking with conventional ovens. One - you cook a lasagne that comes out raw in the middle and burnt on the edges because the temperature you want isn’t necessarily the temperature you get, with temperatures varying wildly inside. That means cooking anything can be a bit of a gamble, especially if it’s something that really needs precision. And two, when you’re done you have to deal with baked-on grease that’s harder than diamonds.

When Hotpoint developed their latest single ovens, they found solutions to those problems and more. They developed Multiflow technology, which is a new, more precise kind of convection system using multiple vents to deliver a consistent temperature throughout the whole oven. This banishes cold spots, so you have consistent temperature on every shelf, so your cakes rise perfectly evenly.  And to top it all off, they’ve also found a way to make grease disappear with a self-cleaning oven!

Hotpoint call it Pyrolitic Cleaning, and it’s a safe, effective and environmentally friendly way to banish baked-on dirt and grease. 

When you run the programme it seals the quadruple-glazed, soft close door and then whacks the heat up to a whopping 500 degrees centigrade, turning even the most stubborn fat, grease and food residue into tiny specks of ash. No fuss, no chemicals, no mess. And it only costs a few pennies each time you do it.

Everything is awesome

There’s smart thinking everywhere you look. The Auto Cook function has a meat probe to take the guesswork out of doneness, while the pizza programme uses extra heat to deliver the crispy base every pizza lover craves. The main cavity is a whopping 73 litre capacity, which is incredible in an oven that fits in a standard under-hob or eye level space. And the multifunction control panel takes care of everything from defrosting to baking perfect loaves of bread. 

The price is right

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, we’re not talking big budgets here either: the Hotpoint Class 6 SI6874SPIX is £419. That’s not a lot of money for a lot of technology, and also offers a no-quibble price promise so that you can be sure you’re getting the very best deal. The oven won’t send your energy bills into orbit either: it’s rated A-plus for energy efficiency. 

If you buy from you’ll also benefit from their excellent delivery options, which enable you to choose next day delivery or pick a day up to six weeks in advance. 

There’s no need to wait in all day for the order either: will give you a four-hour delivery window on the day, and you can track your delivery in the app. If only everything in life were so easy. 

What and Hotpoint are offering here is a smart oven: it cooks smarter, it cooks better and it pretty much cleans itself. Forget internet fridges and other tomfoolery: this is kitchen tech that will really make a difference to your life. 

To find out more about Hotpoint’s Pyrolitic ovens, check out the range on

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