No scrubs: the amazing oven that cleans itself

No more scrubbing – and you won’t get a soggy bottom either

Hotpoint SI4854PIX_SS oven
(Image credit: Hotpoint)

There’s nothing as disappointing as a soggy bottom. Whether you’re serving up a decadent delicacy or a creamy chocolate cake, an oven that doesn’t cook evenly means a bottom that isn’t firm or edges that are burnt. That’s unfortunate at any time, but it’s particularly so when you’ve put your heart and soul into making something special. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if your oven not only delivered perfect results every time, but even cleaned itself afterwards?  

That’s what Hotpoint’s amazing oven delivers, and so much more. The Hotpoint SI4854PIX_Multiflow Stainless Steel oven is designed to deliver perfect results not just on special days, but every day.

Let your oven clean itself

One of our least favourite chores is cleaning the oven: it’s always a huge pain and tends to involve a huge mess and a lot of elbow grease. So we’re very much in love with the Hotpoint SI4854PIX and its Pyrolytic self-cleaning system, which cleans the oven so you don't have to: no harsh chemicals, no overnight soaking, no crawling around the kitchen floor trying to reach the awkward bits. 

Pyrolytic cleaning uses heat to clean the inside of your oven. It locks the door for safety and then heats up to 500ºC, burning off any grease and fat deposits, leaving a little pile of ash that you can simply wipe away. It doesn’t just save you a lot of time and effort: it’s cheaper than using oven cleaners too, costing just a few pence per cycle. 

The Hotpoint oven can save you money in other ways too. Its more accurate Multiflow cooking technology means you don’t need to cook for longer to be sure everything is cooked through, and its triple-A-plus energy rating means it’s very energy efficient. 

Hotpoint SI4854PIX_SS Stainless Steel oven

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

An even better way to cook family favourites

Multiflow will change the way you cook – and it’ll banish the soggy bottoms we mentioned earlier. 

As any baker knows, traditional ovens don’t always cook evenly. When the air inside is circulated by a single fan, that creates different zones with different temperatures. Meaning different parts of your food cook quicker than others. If you’ve ever opened the oven to find a dried-out lasagne, a lopsided cake or a Sunday roast that’s overdone on the outside and too pink inside, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. 

Hotpoint’s clever Multiflow technology solves that problem. 

The temperature you set is the temperature you get

Multiflow technology is combined with precision temperature control, which distributes constant heat to every corner of your oven, controlling the temperature to within precise 2 degrees, so you get consistently even cooking results. So whether you’re baking or slow roasting, you know it’ll do the job properly, no matter what shelf you use. The temperature you set is the temperature you get.

The best possible price and the best customer service 

AO is the perfect place to buy your Hotpoint SI4854PIX, because you can be sure you’re getting it for the very best possible price: AO’s price match promise checks every price every day to make sure you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. 

As an AO customer you get superb customer service including 24/7 home shopping, seven-day delivery and delivery slots to suit you. That means there’s no need to spend all day hanging around for the courier to turn up. There’s a free 100 day returns policy for extra peace of mind, and right now AO is offering free or half-price installations on selected home appliances.

AO isn’t like other retailers: just ask its thousands of delighted customers. AO has over 200,000 five-star customer reviews on TrustPilot.

Are you ready to say goodbye to soggy bottoms, ruined roasts and caustic cleaning? Click here to find out more about the brilliant Hotpoint SI4854PIX

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