Need a hand at work? Your Honor AI assistant has got your back

Honor's AI assistant isn’t just smart. It’s truly intelligent

This is a sponsored article, in association with Honor. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your personal digital assistant actually did some assisting? As clever as smartphone assistants are, what they can do is often pretty limited — especially in the workplace where we’ve got more important things to do than ask an app to turn the lights on and off.

Never mind reading out the weather forecast or repeating scripted jokes. How about giving us a hand at work instead? 

For example, how about translating our conversation with our most important client with perfect accuracy, or ensuring that when we’re on site we have all the information we need when we need it? How about ensuring the various documents and e-tickets we use are right there when we need them, with no fuss or faffing around?

Thankfully Honor has our back. Its AI assistant isn’t just smart. It’s truly intelligent, not a disembodied voice that’s been carefully programmed with a couple of sick burns. It’s constantly analysing what you do with your phone so that it can make it truly personal, useful and unique.

Handling the heavy lifting

That kind of intelligence needs some serious processing power, which is why Honor has backed it up with something called an NPU.

An NPU is a Neural-Network Processing Unit, and its job is to handle the heavy lifting of artificial intelligence. We’re used to having separate graphics processors and CPUs; separate NPUs are the next giant step forward. They enable the CPU to keep doing what it does best while they take care of the really clever stuff.

This isn’t technology for technology’s sake. It makes a really dramatic difference to what your device can do.

Honor has come up with some interesting and genuinely useful features

Take image processing, for example. Honor’s View 10 intelligent phone uses its NPU to run facial recognition on an incredible 2,000 faces per minute, and it’s so powerful that it can process real-time translation between over fifty different languages — and do it offline. 

Other phones simply don’t have the smarts, so they have to connect to the cloud: no cloud, no comprendé. With the Honor, no connection is no problem. 

That means you can be anywhere your business takes you without worrying about understanding what your key clients are saying or losing anything important in translation because you couldn’t get a signal.

All together now: when AI meets other clever tech

By combining artificial intelligence and NPUs with other cutting edge technologies Honor has come up with some interesting and genuinely useful features. 

Its 3D cameras use structured light to create very detailed 3D models of objects or faces, enabling you to scan objects for 3D printing or replace key parts of photos or videos. 

The camera can also recognise and track what your hands are doing, which opens up some really interesting possibilities for controlling remote devices or manipulating virtual objects in 3D space, such as in augmented reality apps. 

"AI keeps the phone in tip-top shape for its entire life, no matter how tough its life is"

AI makes another crucial difference to the camera. It can recognise what it’s looking at and optimise all the key settings to shoot like a pro each and every time. 

If you’ve ever taken photos for work and been disappointed with bad lighting or blurring, it’s a revelation — and if you’ve ever taken a shot and wished you could go back and change the way you took it, the way artificial intelligence can completely transform photos you’ve already taken will be a godsend.

Intelligent on the inside too

Some useful benefits of artificial intelligence are more subtle. For example, the Honor View 10 starts building a very detailed model of what you need your phone to do and when you need it from the very beginning, so no two View 10s are alike. 

Not only does it know what apps to prioritise and what data to bring to your fingertips, but it also knows how to prioritise the processes running under the hood to deliver the performance you need when you need it — as well as what processes it can move further down the list to prolong your battery’s charge and its useful life. 

You won’t be reading about Honor throttling back its processors to compensate for duff batteries in a year or two: its AI keeps the phone in tip-top shape for its entire life, no matter how tough its life is.

Want to know more about artificial intelligence and the future of phones? Check out Honor’s website.

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