Mens autumn style: How to get your wardrobe ready for Autumn and Winter

These clothes will help you nail the transition from summer to autumn

The transition from summer to autumn and winter can be a difficult one to say the least. As the sun and heat fade to make way for grey skies and colder temperatures, it’s necessary to rejig our wardrobes to accommodate for the seasonal shifts. 

One of the keys to getting your wardrobe ready for autumn and winter is to buy transitional pieces like jackets, coats and beanies that offer enough flexibility so you have more choice in how rugged up you want to feel when it’s not clear how the weather might shift on any given day. 

To help you prepare, we’ve rounded up a list of must-have transitional items for the coming seasons so you’re ready for every moment.

Transitional outerwear

Getting your wardrobe ready for the switch from summer to autumn/winter is about finding the right mix of layers to ward off the elements. The easiest solution for this change is transitional outerwear. 

Upping your layering game is beneficial in several ways, but namely you can wear more when it’s cold or remove a layer if you suddenly feel too warm. 

Outerwear also gives you more to play with when it comes to styling. Go for light jackets, such as track jackets, when it’s on the warmer end of the scale. Leather jackets are also a great middle ground when the temperature is in the grey as they’ll keep you warm but also look slick when paired with jeans.

Changing colours

One of the easiest ways to convert your wardrobe at this time of year is to shift towards colours that match the darker, more grey weather. 

This is the time to place pastel shirts and linen shorts in the storage corner of your wardrobe. There’s still a lot of styling finesse to be communicated within a darker, deeper set of colours. 

Good colours to use in autumn include shades of brown, yellow, red and green. In the winter you can integrate more navy, charcoal and camel. And, of course, feel free to thrown in neutrals whenever the need arises. They work year-round.

The jacket

You know the season has changed once you need to begin layering with a jacket. As the leaves fall, the skies begin to sink and you feel the first cravings for comfort food, it’s time to start wearing jackets. They’re insanely practical for staying warm and dry, and the extra pockets won’t hurt either. Go for waterproof jackets made out of good quality fabrics.

Some of the best styles are Harrington and waxed jackets, which aren’t too bulky but will serve you well during inclement weather. They also work well with shirts so you can layer easily, particularly in autumn. Sneakers and dress shoes go well with Harringtons, while a sturdy pair of boots will match with a waxed jacket. And as mentioned, a good leather jacket will cover most of your needs during seasonal transitions.

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The jumper

To stay cozy as the mercury drops you can always rely on a jumper. They’re easy to layer with and work in myriad situations, be that a work event or standing in the line at a nightclub. They match with T-shirts just as well as with a collar over the top, so jumpers get plus points for versatility practically every time. 

Go for a crew neck jumper in black, grey or navy to get the best mileage. You’ll start wearing them in autumn, perhaps with a blazer, but they also work well in winter underneath a heavy jacket when it gets grim and icy. 

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The shirt

There are some obvious advantages to choosing a thick, buttoned shirt for autumn and winter - you can wear them open or roll up the sleeves when it’s balmy, or do up the buttons and add a layer over the top when it’s cold. Two versatile shirt options for your autumn/winter wardrobe are the chambray and flannel. 

Chambrays look stylish when both worn on top or layered and, although they’re better-suited to casual looks, can pass for work attire if you can get away with dressing down at the office. Flannels are just as comfortable and versatile, although even more on the casual side. You’ll find many in a mixture of grey, navy, green and with the classic red and black check variety, which is a staple for many guys out there.

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The overcoat

An overcoat or trench coat is a solid addition to your autumn/winter wardrobe. Heavier than the jacket and more robust against the cooling weather, they also have an element of sartorial charm that makes them great for layering thanks to their more formal cut and button layout.

One of the most classic of all is the camel overcoat. If this is a bit too overdone for your tastes then black or grey are solid choices, too. They work best with an Oxford shirt or similar in white or blue, but you can expand on this as well. However, you might want to leave the overcoat for later in the year to pair with leather boots. This is a classic combination that’ll keep you looking sharp. 

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Suede shoes

Just because you’re building out your wardrobe for autumn and winter, that doesn’t mean you have to forego comfortable kicks in favour of Doc Martens and Chelsea boots. Why do that when you can just switch to suede? A better insulator than canvas, you can put your Vans and Chucks to the side for the minute and switch to cozier sneakers. 

Suede trainers are a great middle ground for seasonal change and can still dressed up or kept casual along with switching to more subdued browns, burgundys and greys. Best of all, you can easily throw on a jacket or jumper to sharpen your look and still keep comfort levels at a maximum. 

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The beanie

Beanies don’t take much effort to carry around, but at some point in the colder months you’ll need to wear one. Not only are they functional but can completely transform an outfit. The thing is, though, that it’s not so hard to mess it up with the wrong colour or shape, so have a think about those aspects first as you’re shopping around.

A good approach is to match your beanie colour to that of the jacket you’re wearing. So if you have a grey jacket (or coat), stick with a matching shade of grey. When in doubt, just pick a neutral colour and you should be able to find workable combinations during the months ahead. But also keep in mind the age-old conundrum of beanie hair. Whether your hair is short or long, it will likely look less tidy after you’ve worn a beanie.

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