I’ve used OnePlus 10T for two weeks — here are 4 things I like and 2 I don’t

The OnePlus 10T is all about performance but that won't be right for everyone

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Launched earlier this week, the OnePlus 10T is a 5G Android smartphone that goes up against some of the best in the business, but it's had some pretty mixed reactions all in all.

Following on from the OnePlus 10 Pro, a global flagship with all the trimmings, the OnePlus 10T has taken a step away from the camera focus and offers a much more performance-driven approach, but the price has stayed the same in the UK - it is actually slightly in cheaper in other regions.

In practice, what that means is that OnePlus has had to make some sacrifices to advance the system and hardware - some of which won't matter so much, others could leave you feeling a little hard done by.

I've been trying it out over the past two weeks to find out how far OnePlus has taken that, and whether it's actually worth your hard-earned cash or not. 

Could this be one of the best Android phones in the world, and is this the best OnePlus phone yet? You've come to the right place to find out, but if you want to know more then be sure to check out the full OnePlus 10T review

OnePlus 10T: The good

1. It's all about performance

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As promised, the OnePlus 10T has come some way in improving the speed and efficiency of the system. Packing the very latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, alongside a maximum RAM of 16GB (the most they've ever put in a phone) it will be able to cope with just about everything and anything you could throw at it. 

Because of that, the OnePlus 10T will be particularly well suited to mobile gamers and business users, both of whom need a smooth and reliable device that won't falter when the going gets tough. When I was trying it out, I was impressed at how fast it was even when I was flicking through dozens of open windows, and it was able to load up even the most demanding apps without issue. 

Also worth mentioning here is the upgraded connectivity - I won't go too deep into the details, but the antennae will basically give your Wi-Fi and cellular signals 360° coverage so you'll be able to use the phone in more orientations without suffering from slower online speeds, and during the busiest times on the network. 

2. Battery for days 

Unlike a lot of other OnePlus handsets I've tested out, the OnePlus 10T has very solid battery life. So solid, that it lasted me just under two days before it needed to be plugged in again. During that time I used it for all sorts of scrolling and messaging, browsing and shopping. It was great to not have to worry about keeping the charger on me just in case I needed it. 

Then, when you go to charge it up again, you won't be waiting long at all. Thanks to the 150W charger included in the box, it'll take less than 20 minutes to go from flat to full which means you can get a full day's charge in only 10 minutes. 

You do need to switch off the Smart Rapid Charging to get those speeds each time, the phone will otherwise limit it when the phone is busy with other tasks in order to protect the battery. 

3. Easy on the eye

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While it may not be quite as slim and sleek as the OnePlus 10 Pro, the 10T still follows a similar design language. I got my hands on the Jade Green version of the phone and I really liked the reflective glossy glass back, even if it could be a tad prone to fingerprint marks. 

The way the camera module curves up from the body of the device is lovely as well, and just like its predecessor, the square layout for the lenses looks really cool. 

Flip it over and while the screen isn't as top-notch as the 10 Pro, I still really enjoyed using it. Thanks to FHD+ resolution with 10-bit colour depth and HDR10+ support, the screen is bright, sharp and well balanced - even darker Netflix shows look good on it.

4. Perfectly priced

The best part? It's much cheaper than the OnePlus 10 Pro was at launch which gives those on a tighter budget another similar option that still manages to impress in a number of ways.  

You'll be able to buy the OnePlus 10T starting from $649 in the US or £629 in the UK with 8GB of RAM and 128Gb of storage, it will also be available with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for £729. 

OnePlus 10T: The not-so-good

1. Lacks a few flagship features

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As I mentioned before, OnePlus has had to sacrifice a few flagship features in order to improve the inner workings of this phone without hiking the price. 

You won't get all of the perks of OnePlus' partnership with Hasselblad because the camera system has been stripped back a fair amount. Not only are photos not going to come out as well as they did on the Pro, but it also means camera features like Hasselblad Pro mode, Tilt Shift and the XPan mode haven't been included. 

Wireless charging missing as well. You'll have to plug it in every time you need a bit more juice which admittedly isn't a major loss but it will be annoying if you're already used to the wire-free lifestyle. 

2. The alert slider is gone

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One change that I'm less keen on is that the alert slider has been removed from the frame to make space for new hardware, it's one of their signature features so it's a shame to see it go. 

If you haven't used the alert slider before then you won't miss it but if you're a loyal OnePlus customer then you'll definitely notice the difference. I certainly did. It gave you a quick and easy way to switch the phone to Silent, Vibrate or Ring so now you'll have to unlock the phone to change the settings manually. Yawn!  

OnePlus 10T: Verdict

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If you need a smartphone that is always going to run smoothly and reliably, then the OnePlus 10T will be one that you can lean on. 

Whatever you need a new handset for, be that long emails or playing Fortnite, it'll take the task in its stride. And I was very impressed with its battery life and charge time, both of which will be ideal for anyone who is on the go a lot. 

But in saying that, if you want something that is more of an all-rounder then this may not be it, and you'll be better off looking elsewhere in the series at the OnePlus 10 Pro. 

While the Pro may be more expensive and not so focused on performance, it does have a better screen and a much more capable camera, as well as a slimmer build which will be ever-so-slightly better for slipping into your pocket. 

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