Here’s how I make working from home work for me

EE’s Smart Hub Plus gives you the ability to work smarter from home thanks to its priority controls

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The T3 office is a busy place this time of year, with Black Friday deals to be written up and posted to save readers money. But as much as I love working from the office, sometimes it’s nice to work from home. 

Sure, I’ll miss discussing the latest streaming shows with the team but I do love my home set-up. A calm room with plenty of light is perfect for when those deals come thick and fast – and being able to eat cold pizza in my pyjamas while writing them is definitely a bonus. 

A successful home working set-up relies on a strong internet connection though. When you use video calls to communicate with teams across the world, a glitchy connection can be infuriating.

The power of the smart hub 

EE’s Smart Hub Plus gives super-fast fibre broadband to deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps in some areas. That’s enough to connect over 100 devices without any hassle and means that your video calls can be crystal clear. 

Plus, when I’m not working, it means I can stream 4K content to my TV or enjoy some online gaming without interruption. The EE Smart Hub also provides Wi-Fi for all of your mobile devices too, so you can log on from anywhere in the home. 

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Get into work mode 

The biggest challenge for any internet connection is when lots of people want to use it at the same time. A couple of streaming services and some mobile gaming in the other room and your video call could still stutter to a halt. 

The best feature of the EE Smart Hub Plus is its Wi-Fi controls feature within the app. Not only does this let you see what devices are connected, but it also lets you give priority to the work apps that need it most. It means when I place the EE app into work mode, it makes sure that my laptop gets first priority for the connection, perfect for Zoom or Teams video calls

You can access Wi-Fi controls via the EE app, keeping you in charge of your connection at all times. It will even let you pause the Wi-Fi to certain devices at set times, which is handy if you have kids. 

Working from home works best when it feels as easy as being in the office, and with the EE Smart Hub Plus, it really does. I just need to remember to keep that pizza box out of shot!

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