This smart tech helps take the worry out of home security

Sleep easy knowing your home and everything in it is protected by EE’s new home security package

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Having all the latest tech in your home is great but the worry of someone breaking in and taking it away can take the shine off. That’s why it’s important to invest in an equally smart home security system to protect your home and your belongings. 

In fact, the latest home security systems can do more than just alert you in case of break-ins. Smart cameras and sensors let you monitor exactly who is coming in and out of your home. Connected smoke alarms can notify you when they are going off, while the microphones in your home cameras can also let you know if they hear alarms or even breaking glass. 

Smart security systems work with all your smart home devices to give you complete visibility of your home from wherever you are. Meaning that you never need to worry about what’s happening while you are away – as you can just log on and check. 

It’s not just about intruders either. Your smart security system can help monitor those pets that are home alone, or just check to see if you left the iron plugged in. A smart security system can even connect to your smart doorbell to help direct the delivery man as to where to leave your parcels, and to the smart lock to let the cleaner or dog walker in without having to leave them a key. 

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An all-in-one solution

To keep you fully covered, EE has partnered with Europe’s number one home security provider, Verisure, to deliver a range of Smart Home Security packages to match the needs of a range of different scenarios. Starting from £25 per month, the EE Home Security packages give you complete peace of mind for protecting your home. 

It’s important to set up your home security system correctly, with the sensors correctly positioned to detect any movement and everything linked up properly with your main hub, so the systems come with free installation. It’s something that a professional can do in a few hours, rather than taking you all day. 

The service includes 24/7 monitoring through the UK-based Alarm Receiving Centre, which can respond to emergencies in under 60 seconds. If your Wi-Fi goes out, the system will use EE’s 4G or 5G network to raise the alarm and can even stay up and running in the case of a power cut. 

Maintenance of the system is also included in the monthly cost of the packages, so your alarm system is always kept up to date and working, with replacements and repairs available if needed. 

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Options to suit your living space

There are five different packages available, depending on the size of your house and the features you need. The “Full Works” package includes two smoke detectors, two outdoor wireless cameras, six shock sensors for glass exterior windows and doors, an internal camera, a control pad and a central home unit, as well as three special “Star” alarm keys and external sign to warn off intruders.  

You can pick a system that works for you and have it professionally installed for a monthly fee, rather than having to pay out huge amounts of money in advance. It’s peace of mind and value for money, all in one.

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