Best expedition gear for traversing icy peaks and tackling Arctic treks

Techy gadgets and kit to prevent you turning into the Abominable Snowman

If you are thinking of going on an icy expedition this winter then this top tech will help you get from A to B. There's gear to help you carry essentials, tech to keep your gadgets charged and gizmos to help you cook food and find your way, too.

TomTom Adventurer

Get all your holiday stats, and avoid topographical embarrassment, with this new GPS watch from TomTom There are modes for snowboarding, skiing and hiking, and, thanks to a built-in heart-rate monitor, barometer and compass, it provides reams of information to pore over, including 24/7 sleep, calorie and step tracking. Other useful features include automatic lift detection and an integrated music player for listening to tunes on the go.

Patagonia Snowdrifter Pack

You’ll need something tough and roomy to lug all your kit around in, and the Snowdrifter Pack is just the job. Made from nylon and polyurethane with a DWR coating, it won’t fall apart in a hurry; while a lightweight, removable frame keeps things comfy. Its top-loading design means easy access, and the main compartment can also be accessed via a side zipper – so you can take out that Jetboil MiniMo without unloading all your clobber.

Price: £145 | Buy Patagonia Snowdrifter Pack

Olympus Tough! TG-Tracker

The hugely robust Olympus Tough! TG-Tracker adventure cam is waterproof to 30 metres, freezeproof to -10°C, shockproof to 2.1 metres, crushproof to 100 kilograms and also dustproof. It can shoot 4K video in wide-lens format, while five-sensor (GPS, acceleration, compass, barometer and thermometer) tracking captures every bit of data. 

Price: £280 | Buy Olympus Tough! TG-Tracker

Dragon Alliance Mountaineer X

Made for high-altitude snow activities, the Mountaineer X sunglasses feature a leather sun shield on each side, an interchangeable C-Temple for a secure fit, a rope-lanyard system, plus Dragon Performance lenses that offer protection from corrosive elements such as salty water and sun block.

Price: $220 (£172) | Buy Dragon Alliance Mountaineer X

Solarmonkey Expedition

Watches, cameras and phones are likely to be called into action more on holiday, so use the sunshine to keep them juiced up. This solar panel charges virtually any 5V electronic device, including an iPhone 6 or GoPro Hero in three to four hours. It can even charge devices in low-light conditJetions, thanks to MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) tech.

Price: £110 | Buy Solarmonkey Expedition

Jetboil Minimo

Fancy a snack after that energy-sapping climb? That’s where the Jetboil MiniMo comes in. This easy-to-use, compact cooking system works right down to -6°C, meaning you can rustle up a warming soup even in freezing conditions. A redesigned valve/regulator ensures food is cooked through evenly, and it even comes with a coffee press.

Price: £70 | Buy Jetboil Minimo