eBay certified Refurbished gets you the latest phones at a fraction of the price

The smartest way to save up to 30% on like-new phones (plus household appliances, tools and more)

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Today's best phones don't come cheap. If you've been making do with a so-so camera, hankering after a handset that'll keep up with your busy lifestyle, or (shudder) putting up with a cracked screen for a frankly embarrassing length of time, for fear of what a new phone could do to your bank balance, we'd like to present you with an alternative solution: eBay Certified Refurbished. 

This is not your average refurbished phone – they're like-new, manufacturer approved and come with a 12-month seller's guarantee for extra peace of mind. And they come with a price tag that's up to 30% less than RRP. Free shipping and free returns round out the completely hassle-free package. 

The eBay Certified Refurbished shop – which includes not only phones but a full range of kitchen appliances and white goods, TVs, laptops, power tools and more, should be any savvy shopper's first stop. The winter sales don't always deliver when it comes to decent offers on products you actually want, from trustworthy brands; eBay's range includes best-selling models from household-names like Dyson, HP, GoPro, Philips and Panasonic.

On the phone front, for example, the range includes a full gamut of Apple and Android options. Want an iPhone 12, which T3 called "excellent in almost every way" in its review, praising its superb HDR screen and high-quality camera? You got it. Prefer a Samsung Galaxy S10, with its super-speedy performance, strong camera system and fantastic screen earning it a full five stars? You'll find it in the eBay Certified Refurbished shop, too. Not into either of those? There's a whole range of other tempting options for any budget or preference.

Apple iPhone 12 64GB 128GB 256GB Unlocked All Colours Certified Refurbished

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What makes a product Certified Refurbished?

If you haven't considered buying refurbished products before, eBay is the place to look. The tagline is that all the products look like new and work like new, but don't cost like new. There are multiple processes in place to make sure you're getting a flawless product. 

In order to get the official seal of approval, all items are checked over, thoroughly cleaned and refurbished either by the manufacturer or by an authorised provider in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. If any parts are showing signs of wear and tear, they're typically replaced with new. Essentially, what you're getting is a gadget or device that's pretty much indistinguishable from a brand new version.

For some security in your purchase, eBay offers a Money Back Guarantee, and on top of that there's an additional 12-month seller guarantee. If the item is faulty, eBay will repair or exchange it, free of charge – regardless of whether the item was defective at the time of purchase or the issue occurred later. There's free returns (as well as free shipping in the first place), too. 

If the prospect of saving up to 30% on your new device isn't tempting enough, there's an environmental benefit too. Buying pre-loved helps conserve resources, so you can pat yourself on the back knowing you're making a responsible choice for the planet, too. Head to the eBay Certified Refurbished shop to browse the full range of smartphones, household appliances and more.

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