Danny MacAskill shares his best MTB gear for riding and capturing tricks

Legendary mountain bike trials rider reveals his pick of the best gear to use when riding

Danny MacAskill
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2009 – Barack Obama was inaugurated for his first term as US President, Twitter was slowly beginning its global domination and in Edinburgh an unknown cyclist by the name of Danny MacAskill uploaded a soon to be iconic and viral video of him tricking his way round the Scottish streets called, "Inspired Bicycles" to YouTube.

Fast forward 10 years and the Red Bull trials rider's numerous edits have garnered over 350 million views on YouTube. His front flip from Edinburgh Castle in "Way Back Home", his glide through a loop-the-loop in "Imaginate" and riding a hay bale in "Wee Day Out" has cemented Danny MacAskill as arguably the best mountain bike trial rider of all time.

For those that ride MTB, Danny MacAskill pulls back the curtain on what he considers the best gear to use when riding. 

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1. Santa Cruz 5010cc X01

"For me this is the perfect UK Mountain Bike, with a 130mm travel front and rear, it means that you can climb up to the top of any mountain and take on any sort of downhill. It's not got too much suspension, so you have to work with the bike to get it down the trails."

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2. Go Pro Hero 7

"It didn't happen if it's not on film! I always ride with a GoPro Hero 7 on my head whenever I'm out riding. I always have it on Superview, 50 frames a second. I love being able to passively film content, you're out there doing it so you may as well be able to capture some cool content. It's also a bonus to have when people don't believe your crazy crash that you're telling them about."

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3. Lezyne MEGA XL GPS

"Because you've got to show your friends that you were out riding on Strava. I tend to do most of my strength work on the bike rather than the gym, so sometimes I like to make my everyday riding a little longer. This is the best computer for those long rides when you just want to be directed without thinking, I swear it's got one of the best run-times too."

(Image credit: Evoc Sports)

4. Evoc FR Enduro 16L backpack

"This is the perfect backpack for a day out on the bike. The size of it allows you to carry your tools, waterproofs, food and everything else with ease. The bag also has a great back protector which is pretty handy, knowing that your spine is being kept nice and safe. These are really well fitted, and you sometimes forget that you're wearing it."

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5. Five Ten Adidas Free Rider Pro

"These are ridiculously good, by far the best mountain biking shoe. They have stealth rubber which is originally developed and still used today on their climbing shoes. It gives you insane grip on the pedals. They're generally really breathable as well as being nice and lightweight. They will literally transform your riding."

(Image credit: Skull Candy)

6. Skullcandy Ink’d+ Wireless Earbuds

"I'm always riding my bike with headphones or using them when I travel. These are my favourite ones at the moment because they give me the freedom to do tricks and not constantly yank my phone out of my pocket or have them pulled from my ears. If they do fall out, it's not like they're going to tumble down a drain or be lost forever due to the band that goes around your neck. They're good enough audio quality too for the price."

(Image credit: Adidas)

7. Adidas Terrex Parley Three layered jacket

"I'm a huge fan of riding in the wettest and wildest weather in Scotland, and this is the perfect jacket for those conditions. The waterproof zippers have saved my phone from being drenched a number of times, plus I was told the other day that it's made from upcycled marine plastic waste that is removed from beaches and coastal towns around the world."

Check out Danny's mad skills in Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out below.

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