The award-winning Lumos helmet is now available in five different colours

The Lumos incorporates its own brake lights and turn signals

The road can be a pretty unsafe places for cyclists, especially along commuter routes. 

The water-resistant Lumos helmet costs £159/$169 and is designed to give drivers a heads up on what you're planning by turning your head into an indicator. Everyone knows that motorists should do a better job of looking out for cyclists, but we all know you have to also take preventative measures yourself. 

There are more than 60 LEDs at work here, all with the intention of showing motorists exactly where you're going and what you're doing. Of course, the signals are pretty useful for pedestrians, too!

The helmet is now available in five different colours - black, blue, yellow (our favourite), lime and white. 

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The 15 super bright LEDs on the back will flash - but if built in accelerometers detect that you're slowing down it'll turn solid red; that's the really clever part. There's also turning indicators on the helmet, which are wirelessly controlled by buttons you can mount on your handlebars. This actually works really well and connect to the headset via Bluetooth. 

Coincidentally, there's also an iOS and Android app that will warn you when your helmet battery is getting low and helps with updates and so on. 

You get around 3 hours charge out of each usage. Lumos is charged with a USB connector and if you have a short commute it means you'll probably only have to charge up once per week. 

You might find it best to do this at work, trickle charging from your PC or other USB power source. Of course, another advantage is that you don't have separate lights which can then get stolen (although, of course, the more lights you have the better).

The Lumos Helmet has won several design awards, including the 2017 RedDot Design Award for Product Design, and the German Design Council’s 2017 Bicycle Brand Contest for Innovation.