Build your own gaming PC

If you want something done right...

Dominate the LAN party scene with our cutting-edge kit and tips for custom PC creation. It's cheaper than buying off the shelf and far more rewarding...

How to rock like a motherboard

Ben Miles of offers prime gaming-rig-building tips:

1/ GPU me! The single most important component for a good gaming PC is a big-ass GPU packed with shader processors. However, this needs to be supported by a good CPU. If you're rocking a dualcore i3, pair it only with a mid-range GPU, up to around 100 quid. A quadcore i5 is good for cards up to around £300 – above that, go for an i7.

2/ RAM it in! A tiny minority of games show small gains with a move to 16GB. Seriously, 8GB is fine.

3/ Futureproof it! Get a case with room for future graphics and storage expansion. Insist on a quality branded power supply with 80+ certification.

4/ Think! Plan your cable routing and work out a way to stow unused cables in such a way that doesn't impede airflow or make future upgrades tougher. Good cases help here. Scope out YouTube videos on how to install components before diving in.

5/ Alternatively... Building a PC isn't always the best, or cheapest, option – many system integrators now allow near-limitless customisation and, for instance, offers a five-year warranty and phone support. Just sayin'!

You will need:

Corsair H55

Yes, it is ugly, isn't it? Rest assured this cheap, liquid-cooling system will be secreted in your Aerocool, lifting the ventilation to new heights of chill.

£55 |

Logitech G502 Proteus Core

Customise its optical sensor, weight, DPI and balance to suit your style. Then get busy on the 11 programmable buttons. It's great for FPS, but versatile.

£69 |

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma

The usual quality Razer 'board – 60-million-stroke life for each mechanical, programmable key, five macros etc – now with customisable disco lights. Sweet.

£140 |

Intel Core i7 4790K

Essential, overclockable, not obscenely expensive. Pro-gaming willy wave nirvana.

£255 |

Aerocool DS200

How we love this case of many colours. It comes in blue and yellow and pink and green and... Has great, low-noise cooling.

£77 |

More essentials for your shopping list...


Asus Z97-K. Great value, allows overclocking.

£92 |


Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB. Best mid-range card out there.

£270 |


2x 8GB Corsair 1600. 16GB is ample.

£196 |


Samsung 840 evo series 250GB

£90 |

Hybrid drive

1TB Seagate 7200RPM SSHD. A hard drive with an 8GB SSD element for essentials.

£60 |

Power supply

FSP raider 750w

£60 |


Windows 8.1 64-bit

£74 |

Grand total £1,438