Blundstone boots just got even more appealing with this major upgrade

Classic outdoor boots now even more off-road friendly

Blundstone All Terrain boots
(Image credit: Blundstone)

Blundstone boots have long been a favourite amongst outdoorsy types. The Originals remain a classic for a reason, although we've seen some welcome new spins on the theme (I for one was very impressed with the vegan version, created in collaboration with Finisterre. But now there's a new addition to the lineup that is seriously appealing.

Launched as part of the SS22 collection, the All Terrain boots look like your classic Blundstones, but there's one key difference: these have Vibram Megagrip soles. Almost ubiquitous amongst today's best hiking boots for men and women, Vibram is known for delivering superb grip and traction on a range of surfaces. 

This new sole design has a few more tricks up its sleeve (sock?). It's heat-resistant to 300C and designed to maintain performance down to -15C, and it's oil- and acid-resistant too. Finally, Blundstone has added a cushioned midsole and additional shock absorption tech in the heel, both geared towards better comfort on solid surfaces over long hours of wear. 

Man wearing Blundstone All Terrain boots and sliding down a rock

(Image credit: Blundstone)

Part of me expected Blundstone to have adjusted the lugs on these to something more aggressive, and more akin to what you'd find on a hiking boot. Instead, the tread is similar to the Originals. The brand says it's self-cleaning, which essentially means mud won't get clogged in the tread, which is probably a good thing if you're going from countryside to city and don't want to be trailing mud everywhere you go. 

The All Terrain Boots are built to tackle a range of different terrains, from the urban to the decidedly more rural. Press materials show models sprinting up slick metal city staircases as well as standing atop rocky mountainsides. Don't be misled by the latter – although these boots might have enough traction to let you scoot up and down a big boulder, like the adventurous chap in the photo, they definitely aren't hiking boots. Instead, they occupy a middle ground that combines understated urban styling with traction and ruggedness that'll let you take on whatever terrain happens to present itself to you on your travels. To adapt the brand's own words, they take Blundstone's fit-for-purpose boots and make them fit for even more purposes.

Blundstone All Terrain Boots are available to buy now, with an RRP of £195 / US $244.95. Check them out on the Blundstone UK website or Blundstone US website.

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