Big ideas to lighten your load: amazing appliances to make your life that little bit easier

A smarter kitchen makes every day easier – and lets you spend more time doing what you love

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It’s that time of year again. Summer feels like it was a lifetime ago and our days are once again chock-a-block with chores: school runs and school uniforms to wash, lunches to pack and dinners to plan. Wouldn’t it be great if our kitchen kit could help lighten the load? The good news is, it can.

Have more time for me-time

One of our pet hates in the colder months is the sheer amount of dirty clothes our family manages to create every week. So we’re very excited about LG’s amazing  F4V1112WTSA 12kg washing machines, which are the same size as our current washer but have an absolutely massive 12kg load capacity. 

12kg is a life-changing number. 12kg is 12 weeks of clothes – 60 shirts or tops – in one go. 12kg means you don’t need superhuman strength to close the door on your duvet. 12kg means not having to split your dark wash in two or do the bath sheets in separate loads. And 12kg means more me-time. More room in the washer means fewer washes every week – and thanks to the LG’s super-speedy 1400rpm spin, you won’t be waiting an eternity for your clothes to dry either.

Hygienic cleaning and a clever app

LG’s Smart AI DD washing machines aren’t just big. They’re clever too. With technologies such as EZDispense™ Auto-dosing and TurboWash™ 360°, you can wash much faster, more effectively and more efficiently. By analysing the load, automatically measuring the perfect amount of detergent and spraying water in all directions to get your clothes really clean in a fraction of the time, LG’s washers can save you time, energy and money.

You don’t even need to be near your LG to operate it or check on it: thanks to LG’s Smart ThinQ technology, you can start, stop and monitor it from your smartphone and download washing recipes for specific kinds of stain removal. It’s brilliant.

No matter what size of LG washer you’d like, you can be sure of getting it for a really good price. And if your current washer is making worrying noises or has given up the ghost completely, AO can let you know which LG washers are available for fast delivery so you don’t need to wait.


(Image credit: LG)

Big fridges for big ideas

If you’re currently using a traditional fridge-freezer, we’ve got another brilliant time saver for you. An American style fridge freezer makes life much easier: it’s fantastic for meal planning and adventurous cooking, and its huge storage space means you don’t need to visit the supermarket as often. Take the GSXV90BSAE fridge freezer with InstaView™, NatureFRESH™ and DoorCooling+™. It has a capacity of 635 litres: that’s the equivalent of 35 bags of shopping , so you can order even the most extravagant festive feasts and pick up the prosecco for your winter parties without worrying how you’re going to make it all fit in the fridge. 

There’s some really amazing technology in LG’s latest fridge freezers. We particularly love InstaView™, which saves you time and energy and its glass window is 23% larger than before in the GSXV90BSAE: when you’re working out what you need from the shops simply knock twice on the panel and it’ll show you what’s inside without you opening the door and letting the cold out.

InstaView™ will make you smile, but that’s not the only technology LG has put into its American-style fridge freezers. Its NatureFRESH™ and DoorCooling+™ technology uses clever air venting to ensure that cool air reaches every corner of the fridge, keeping your food fresher and tastier for longer. You can forget about having to defrost the freezer: that uses air circulation to keep the freezer compartment completely frost-free, so you’ll never need to do a manual defrost.

Here’s something else that will make you smile. If you buy your LG before the 30th of October, you’ll get up to £250 cash back.

The perfect way to upgrade your kitchen

Whether you’re looking to lighten your laundry load or keep your food fresher for longer, LG’s latest appliances are enormously clever, great value and will really make life easier. And when you buy yours from, you can be sure that you’re getting it for the best possible price. That’s because AO’s price match promise checks and matches rivals’ prices every single day to make sure that you always get the best deal.

That’s not all. As an AO customer you also get superb customer service including 24/7 home shopping, seven-day delivery and delivery slots to suit you, so there’s no need to spend time wondering when the courier is coming or risk of missing a delivery if you need to go and get the kids. There’s also a free 100 day returns policy that takes the risk out of ordering. It’s no wonder that AO has over 250,000 five-star reviews from delighted customers on TrustPilot with more being added every day.

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