The 5 best premium TV deals actually worth buying in Amazon's Prime Day sale

Pick up a shiny new premium TV from Amazon's Prime Day sale before it's over – here are our hand-picked top selections

LG UT91 deal
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Amazon Prime Day is now well underway, which has brought with it plenty of deals – check out T3's best Prime Day deals hub for an overview of all the top picks – but if you're specifically on the hunt for a shiny new TV then look no further. Here we pick apart the wheat from the chaff to deliver you the best-of-best TV picks. 

Here at T3 we love premium, luxury tech – so this deals round-up isn't for cheap-as-chips TVs that can't deliver ample high-end features. Selected here are a variety of the best OLED TVs, peppered with some super-massive TVs that have been considerably slashed in price.

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We've included some more affordable options that are commendable enough to make this list, too, ensuring we cover every budget for all TV deals-hunters. So whether you're looking for the best TVs at 42-inch or 77-inch, there's an option for every home cinema fan here – listed in price order. 

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED 55-inch: was £749.99 now £429.99 on Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED 55-inch: was £749.99, now £429.99 on Amazon

Save 43%: Amazon's top telly (the 'Omni QLED' part means it's the best model in the series), this model features the same Quantum Dot LED technology as you'll find in many Samsung sets. That means ultra-wide colours and lots of brightness for the asking price. It's a great box with built-in catch-up services and apps, so it's brilliantly easy to use – and now super-cheap for Prime Day only. 

Hisense U7 Mini-LED 55-inch: was £1,199now £491.15 at Amazon

Hisense U7 Mini-LED 55-inch: was £1,199, now £491.15 at Amazon

Save 65%: The 2024 model is on sale for almost a grand more than this! But if you select the last-gen model from 2023 then, you guessed it, the price slides down by a huge margin. The U7 includes HDMI 2.1 ports (unlike the step-down U6 model) so it's worth paying a little extra. The panel, meanwhile, is Mini LED, which means big-time brightness without the cost. It won't have OLED levels of precision, but for a large-scale TV bargain with plenty of features it's a very savvy buy. 

LG OLED B4 55-inch: was £1,599, now £879 at Amazon

LG OLED B4 55-inch: was £1,599, now £879 at Amazon

Save 44%: A 2024 model, so up to all the current standards, LG's "entry" OLED model is anything but "entry-level". It delivers a full suite of HDMI 2.1 ports, so enables 4K/120Hz – which is the holy grail for gamers. The step-up C4 model offers future-proof 144Hz, but that's not going to matter to most. Picture quality, meanwhile, is second to none – with inky blacks and deft handling from the AI processor. 

Samsung S90C QD-OLED 55-inch:was £2199, now £899 at Amazon

Samsung S90C QD-OLED 55-inch: was £2199, now £899 at Amazon

Save 59%: Our current favourite OLED TV of 2024 is the set's step-up successor (the S95D), but opting for the S90C doesn't lose you loads. It's still super-bright QD-OLED tech, it's still gorgeously designed, and it's certainly super-cheap compared to its original list price. 

Sony A80L OLED 55-inch: was £1,899now £1,199 on Amazon

Sony A80L OLED 55-inch: was £1,899, now £1,199 on Amazon

Save 37%: With beautifully managed OLED picture quality and great, direct sound from the panel itself (literally – Sony uses actuators in the screen), the A80L is a 5-star premium OLED TV (as reviewed) – except now its price tag is altogether less premium thanks to £700 off the RRP. 

Sony A80L OLED 77-inch: was £4,499, now £2,479 on Amazon <-- if you want super-massive then here's a giant option of the same set. 

How to find the best Prime Day TV deals

Whatever you're looking for in a TV there are some sure-fire ways to find the best TV deals – even after Prime Day. By following these tips and our nose for a great deal, you can cut the costs on a new TV, plus you can spend a little more on any extras. Alongside our buying advice, we've also put together a handy guide on the 5 mistakes everyone makes on Prime Day so you can avoid doing the same, even outside of Prime Day.

Consider the size

Before you start shopping, it’s important to decide exactly what you want and need from a TV, including its size. The screen size makes a huge difference in the overall cost and picture quality of the TV. TV sizes start at around 42-inches and go up to 85-inches (or more!), and bigger sizes have higher prices. 

Use price-checking tools

One of our biggest tips when shopping any sale is to not be distracted by the discount. Product-makers and manufacturers will advertise their products with huge percentage discounts during the event, but these can be artificial, based on RRP or will show off a recently inflated price. This is especially the case with TVs as they’re more expensive than other products. To compare the price at other retailers or the cheapest price it’s ever been, we use price tracking tools like to see how much that product has retailed for in the past.

Shop refurbished

Another way to shop the best TVs is to consider a refurbished model. A certified refurbished device refers to something that’s been fixed and renewed by the manufacturer or third-party to bring it back to like-new conditions. Refurbished models are cheaper than the original product price but there may also be huge deals on refurbished, second-hand and open-box devices in the Amazon Warehouse

Buy last-gen

If refurbished lacks appeal, then you can still buy new – but just a last-generation model. Often the differences between one year's product and the next are marginal – but the price differences can be huge. End-of-line sets do sell out, of course, so availability isn't always great, but these deals events are the ideal time to pick up the final stock at a great price. 

For more money-saving tricks, check out our guide on how to save money on TVs, including bills, care and shopping tips. 

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