The best film toys 2018: Wonder Woman, Alien, Star Wars and more included

Perfect movie-inspired playthings for small and big kids alike

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No mediocre merchandise here, just top toys and princely playthings of note for buckets of kidult fun. You don’t need any of these, but tell that to your digits as you hover over the buy button.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen

The nirvana for toy makers is to bring an on-screen character to actual life, this is the very closest we’ve come to that point thus far in toy building. This is Geppetto territory.

Over 450 parts, a highly detailed paint-job and zero stickers. Also, the toy rocks an ambient light sensor, infra-red sensor, five touch-panels, three processors, head and tail lights, animatronic mouth and a custom built LCD windshield panel. This panel has 150 animations while updates will arrive via the app, switch it on and McQueen will shift upon its chassis replicating the on-screen character. Add the motorised mouth movement with the LCD eye animations and it’s a jaw-dropper.

Drive it, drift it, play games with it and create animated sequences for it to repeat, all done via the app. When not in use it’ll look resplendent on your shelf.

Optimus Prime premier voice changer

The latest instalment of the film franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight, arrives next month. It is a no-brainer that the genre should have a stack load of toys associated with it, and this is true. The trouble is the majority are landfill quality. There was an Optimus voice mask and a decent desk-standing die-cast for the first film but in between it's all been a bit below average. Here to alter that is the Optimus Prime premier edition voice changer helmet, and it is about the best character helmet we’ve allowed to ruffle our coiffured barnets.

Stick it on, it’ll fit, adjustable straps ensure kids of all ages are welcome to enter the realm of the Autobots. Three buttons to the side, one for film phrases, another for sound FX and the last to turn your voice into an almost convincing version of the Transformers hero.

Anki – The Fast and Furious set

We’ve been waiting a while for the robotic racing game to unleash a licensed version, with car firms no doubt banging at Anki's door to get their drives recreated with their awesome A.I. inside. By teaming up with this film license it appears to offer Anki the scope to run a parallel Overdrive racing set offering. This new set brings Dom’s Ice Charger and Hobbs’ MXT to the track and the characters you race against within that app are all from the film. This set also comes with a new exclusive track piece which, when you drive through its power zone, disables all others around you. So grab your grappling hooks and rocket launchers to play as part of the Toretto crew or against them.

Mr Potato Head Alien Xenomorph

Paying tribute to one of the most hidden-from-behind-the-sofa film characters of all time is this six-inch mash-up. The cute characteristics of root vegetable based plaything are retained yet the exoskeletal detail does put us in mind of a potato once found well past its sell by date in the dark regions of a kitchen cupboard. Interchangeable bits include the classic two mouths and spiked tail – other desk toys on display need to make way.

LEGO Wonder Woman Warrior battle

A build-in-your-lunch break 286 piece set with enough time before work must recommence to battle Ares the god of war. Defeating this formidable foe will take all the might of the two minifgures in the form of the lady herself and Steve Trevor. The fighter plane with a fidget spinning propeller also has a couple of flick stud missiles with shields and weapons to further assist.

Star Wars Force Trainer II

Stick on the headset and, using your alpha and beta brainwaves, you’ll be able to begin your mastery of the hologram challenges that lay ahead. Containing a dozen challenges from junior Jedi through to mastering the force you’ll be guided through each from voices from Yoda and Obi Wan. With the hologram app on your tablet your tasks take place on the holographic display and range from lifting an X-Wing from the Dagobah swamp to battling Darth, with your mind and a modicum of practice.  Like this you should.

Rogue One Big Figs

There’ll not even be a sniff of merchandise relating to this years Star Wars release until September. Retailers will be likely looking for shelf space to begin stacking with the new arrivals and so there are some absolute bargains appearing for Rogue One related gear. The entire range of 20-inch tall Big Figs are being shifted at less than a tenner a piece, Jyn Erso, K-2S0, Deathtroopers and Stormtroopers all with seven points of articulation. Never has there been a better time to put together an entire legion of your own dark side soldiers.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary

You’d be a canvas shy of a full sail not to want to plunder this haul of brick based booty. The pirate parlay shall cease immediately as we try and share the immense detail of this 2,200 entire weekend claimer. With a hinged bow section and opening skeleton hull the final build has a stand on which to display it but the elements inside will take some inspecting by admiring shipmates. A pair of masts, crows nest, a rowboat, Captain Salazar’s hairpiece, ship in a bottle, tattered sails, ghost sharks and eight minifigures. At 48 cm tall and 68cm in length this is an exceptional set – Har matey’s.

Despicable Me 3 – Mel talking toy

We’re being overrun with play-based offerings of yellow perils ahead of the forthcoming film release. If you are in the market for an investment in one of the many Minion toy offering about the place right now may we guide you to these plush variants. The reasoning is that these can be hurled about the place so you can recreate the true mayhem of the Minions. There is a Tim version too, each one hand activated to utter random phrases and sayings from the film. We’d recommend loading up with a couple before heading to the big screen – you’ll be far less annoying than popcorn scoffers.

Spiderman Drone

Take to the skies in this Spider bolt drone. Reach speeds in excess of 20mph, fly up to ten minutes on a charge, and generally stand out from other multi-bladed machines with ease. The web-slinging hero has a mini-drone in the film which he deploys with regularity to assist in his foe-fighting endeavours. There’ll be another pricier version at £150 with a video feed so you can fly FPV with your mobile attached to the remote control unit.