5 essential pieces of equipment for people who drive a lot

The five finest accessories for cars and the people who drive them. Hit the road in style and safety with Fanttik

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These days there’s no excuse for carrying sub-par gear in your trunk, luckily Fanttik is here to supply all your daily driving and road trip essentials.

Fanttik’s smart, rugged accessories are quickly gathering large numbers of fans among automobile enthusiasts, offering vital kit to ensure every driver or rider can stay safe on the road. As stylish as it is functional, the Fanttik range is hugely popular on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and has recently partnered with the NASCAR Racing Team.

1. Tire Inflator

Longer road trips can really take a toll on your tires, and the dashboard low-pressure tire light is a wearily familiar sight for long distance drivers. When that light flicks on you have two options - either find a gas station, pay up and join the line-up for the air pump, or grab a dependable tire inflator right out of your trunk and fix it in a jiffy.

Fanttik’s X8 Apex is a great option for a few reasons. Aside from being palm-size, it takes mere minutes to pump most tires, sometimes just 90 seconds. You don’t want to be out in bad weather fixing a flat any longer than necessary, so the X8 delivers inflation speeds up to 45% faster than the competition, hitting 150 pounds per square inch at maximum pressure. 

Fully portable and entirely cordless, the X8 runs off a built-in 7,800 mAh battery, capable of inflating more than six tires on a single charge. That’s a ton of power for a 1.2lb package that fits in your pocket, making the X8 Apex also perfect for two-wheel riders who don’t have much storage space on the go. 

2. Jump Starter

It’s happened to us all. You turn the key and the battery’s dead. There was a time you’d have to get out the jump leads and wait on a neighbor or friend to come to your aid. No more. Fanttik’s T-Series jump starters mean the solution is right in your trunk.

There are three models to choose from – the T8, the T8 Apex, and lastly the T8 Max. All three are packed with smart design features to make jump starting your ride both convenient and safe.

Each of the T Series jump starters features a 3 inch smart screen that detects and displays battery voltage and level in real time, to keep you informed on the status of your battery. They all fill up fast too, needing only 5 minutes of charge time to go from 0% to a single jump start.

Enhanced safety features like reverse polarity and spark-proof technology mean you can jump start your car simply and safely. Here’s how to find the T8 that’s right for you.

T8 – Rated at 1300 amps. Perfect for most compact cars with up to 7.0L gasoline engines or 5.0L diesel engines.

T8 Apex - Rated at 2000 amps. Fanttik’s most popular model is ideal for compact cars and sports cars with up to 8.5L gasoline engines or 6.0L diesel engines.

T8 Max – Rated at 3000 amps. Suitable for light duty trucks and SUVs with up to 10.0L gasoline engines or 8.0L diesel engines.

3. Car Vacuums

Everyone has a vacuum cleaner in their house, but very few people have one in their car. It’s not hard to see why. Cars are easy to get dirty and hard to get clean, with unique nooks and crannies that are tough for a household vacuum to reach. Fanttik’s portable handheld car vacuums fill all these niches nicely.

Fanttik have two car vacuums to cover all sizes of ride.

V8 Mate

The V8 Mate is ideal for compact cars. Completely cordless, weighing in at 1.2 pounds and just under 3 inches long, it’s easy to maneuver and takes the hassle out of keeping your car clean.

Fanttik car vacuum

(Image credit: Fanttik)

Powered by an M1 brushless digital motor, it can run for up to 30 minutes in low gear, or for 12 in high gear. Switch between modes for a quick pass on the seats or a deeper clean.

And if you’ve got pets along for the ride, the V8 Mate also includes a dual-layer filtration system that filters out 99.95% of particles it collects.

V9 Mate

The V9 Mate, is ideally suited to SUVs and trucks, offering more ‘oomph’ when it comes to cleaning power. While a bit larger in size, with an innovative air cyclone system powered by a brushless motor, it’s both powerful and efficient at getting rid of dirt and other messes.

4. Screwdrivers

Fanttik screwdriver

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The simple screwdriver is just the handiest tool to have on you at any time, let alone on road trips. And yet we always seem to forget one when we need it most.

L1 Pro

The pistol-grip L1 Pro is powered by a 2000 mAh Samsung Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, for up to 262 screws on a single charge. It’s an essential, perfectly portable piece of kit, and even comes in a variety of colors.

5. Power Station

EVO 300 Power Station Outdoor Generator

A portable power generator is an absolute must for modern road trips. Whether it’s a mobile phone, a laptop, or just a small appliance you bring along for the ride, the EVO 300 Power Station is your go-to generator for a few reasons.

The large 7 inch LCD screen displays vital info in a clear and concise way, including remaining charge, power usage details, and even environmental conditions.

Built with 9 AC and DC power outputs, the EVO 300 can provide power for multiple devices at the same time. Is your iPhone running low on battery? You can charge it up while powering other devices such as fans, smart speakers, and even car refrigerators. Delivering 300 watts of pure sine wave power and 600 watts of surge power, it’s hard to find a better power station that works so well for road trips, camping, hunting, or anytime you want to head off grid.

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